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Brad Gilbert - FX Investment Bank Trader for 20 Years, Professional Trader & Author

If you want to start making money as a trader, it's time to start acting and thinking like a professional trader!


Brad Gilbert is a Professional Trader and Author with unparalleled FX trading experience. He is considered ‘The Authority’ on Price Action Trading in the Investment Banking industry. He has a monthly readership of 100,000+ traders and has taught 10,000+ students since 2009. Learn from the guy who trains the Investment bankers how to trade. Checkout Brad’s Forex Trading Course here.

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Simple price action & order flow trading strategies that will dramatically improve your understanding of the market and remove the clutter and confusion from your charts and your mind.


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If you want to start making money as a trader, it’s time to start acting and thinking like a professional trader.

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Carl F - Sydney, Australia

This is the missing link I wish all traders would have the opportunity to discover. I'm now trading with the Bankers!

Renee P - New York, USA

I finally know the 'secrets' of the investment bankers. Trading is so much easier now and a lot more profitable! Thank you T4T.

Barry B - London, UK

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