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Forex Daily Market Insight  


Andrea Lazzeri
Active Trader T4T Trader
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13/07/2020 5:52 pm  

Hi Brad! I have a question related to the "Daily Market Insight". Regarding NZD / USD, we have support level at 0.6562 and resistance at 0.6755. Why in the "Trading Focus-Current Active Pairs" do you suggest a long entry at 0.6557? Or below the support level? And with respect to the entry2 at 0.6600, do you consider the violation of the maximum of the day before and therefore do you think the price could push upwards in that case?

Brad Gilbert
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14/07/2020 8:49 am  

Hi Andrea, I think I left those there wqith a 'Wait' signal as they started trading sideways, whereas I should have just deleted them because they could give traders the wrong impression.

I'll keep it updated and will defintiely take the old posts down.

Basically to answer yoiur question, you wouldn't buy below support at all. Good pick up!