Your opportunity to learn to trade the Forex Market like a banker and trade our USD$100K Accounts!

As a former Chief Forex Trader with Citibank, I am delighted to be able to present this course and pass on my knowledge of 28 years trading for some of the biggest banks in the world. I will be showing you how you too can trade like the bankers. This course is a practical process trading live throughout the week demonstrating advanced techniques that will test your skills to the limit and teach you new strategies that the banks use every day.

I look forward to meeting you both in the classroom and afterward in the bar!

Brad Gilbert
Bradley Gilbert – CEO & Founder Traders4Traders

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for both existing retail forex traders and retail investors that are new to trading forex. Learn how to trade like the banks and make the same profits that banks do rather than the 3% they pay you in a savings account. You do not need to be an experienced Forex Trader to take this workshop, infact we love complete beginners as they have no bad habits!


The way bankers trade

As part of our Traders4Traders Education Programme it is critical that you learn how to trade properly like the banks. This in-depth and highly practical course is both intense and rewarding whilst having a lot of fun along the way. You will leave the course ready to make cash from the market and know what direction the market is going to go. Just like the guys at the banks!

Without risk

Once you have finished the 5 Day Workshop that’s not the end. You will go away from the workshop and put everything you have learnt into practice. You will be given a USD$100,000 Practical Assessment demo account with a specific trade plan that you should follow and some performance targets and rules to follow, just like the banks. The normal cost of the Practical Assessment is USD$350. As part of your workshop this Practical Assessment is free and has an unlimited time frame to complete!

Like a professional

Having completed the Practical Assessment you will now be allocated funds and be given a live USD$100,000 account to trade with where you will now start making some cash using T4TCapital, so you wont even need to use your own capital. Of course now you know how to trade you can of course trade your own money as well in your personal account.

FX Workshop Features


Former FX Chief Trader for Citbank teaches the same content as taught to junior bank traders.

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership to T4T with access to myFXTradingHub with daily trading signals and Daily Insights.

FREE 100K Practical Assessment

On completion of the workshop you will be provided with a FREE 100K Practical Assessment account with an unlimited time period.

Trader Network

Lifetime access to our Trader Network in our 247 Trade Zone

Online Forex Courses

All our online courses included for lifetime access.

MetaStock Xenith

First month FREE subscription to Reuters MetaStock New Service. Essential for FX Trading.


All our MT4 EA’s and indicators including T-Rex Live Trader, Trendline Trader, Ichimoku Trader.


Hardcopy manuals inlude FX Pro Trader Manual, T4T Fund Manager Manual.

Ongoing Mentoring

Brad will be providing ongoing mentoring once the workshop has completed.

Tuition Rebate

Get 100% of your tuition fees back making this workshop completely FREE!

Payment Plans

Register today using PayPal Credit interest free payment plan, Cryptocurrencies and Credit Cards.

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Agenda – See full agenda

Day 1 – Laying the Foundations for your FX Trading Career

Day 2 – Your Complete Business Plan & Understanding the Market Drivers

Day 3 – The Daily Trade Routine & Identifying Market Setups & Conditions

Day 4 – Pro Trading – Improving Performance & Funds Management

Day 5 – Complete Review & Preparation for the job at hand – trading for a living, it’s a business!

Event Essentials

LONDON – MARCH 11-15, 2019

VENUE: 15A Hanover Street, Mayfair

MAX LIMIT: 10 Attendees (2 spaces left)