Please note: Accommodation is not included in the course price.

Whilst we have not confirmed the venue for the yet, it is important to try and find accommodation that is either local to Fulton Street Subway, which is downtown Manhatten or has good subway connections.

If you book early enough then surprisingly there are some great deals to be had, especially if you are making a holiday out of it too by arriving the previous weekend and leaving the next.

Make it a 10 Day Visit

Make your trip memorable with a 10 day visit and include the great places to visit in New York. We have listed some guide prices for accommodation.

USD$0-$58 per night
These are usually hostels, however they are pretty smart hostels!

USD$58-$110 per night
Single rooms in around downtown – all rooms are generally small in New York but very comfortable.

USD$110-$170+ per night
Now we are entering the chain type hotels

We recommend – click here to see availability

Our recommendations on your visit to New York

Whilst it is important to get some rest before the course, if you are arriving the weekend before here are some things of interest (apart from the obvious):

  1. City SightSeeing Tour of New York – At $99 for a three day pass and a boat trip to the Statue of Liberty this is the best value
  2. Tour of the Fed – Yes you can arrange a tour of the Federal Reserve and see the gold stash
  3. Museum of the USD

Of course there is Times Square and the Empire State Building

If you have any questions then please contact Mark at