Day 1 – Understanding & Incorporating Professional Technical Analysis

9.00-9.30Understanding the core FX marketWhat is the forex market, who are the players & what the bankers really do
9.30-10.30Professional Technical AnalysisReading your charts correctly & drawing trendlines using Metastock Xenith
10.30-11.00Morning Break
11.00-12.00Identifying Direction & Entry LevelsIdentifying market bias, sentiment & trends, potential levels & the best strategy to use
12.00-1.00Lunch Break
1.00-2.30Practical session - ImplementationImplementation of all trading strategies using Trendline Trader & Ichimoku Trader
2.30-3.00Afternoon Break
3.00-4.00Identifying Opportunities & Daily RoutineFollowing the global markets & understanding your daily technical routine
4.00-5.00Review & CloseFull Q & A on all of today’s topics

Day 2 – Squaring away Fundamental Analysis – the core market drivers

9.00-9.30Understanding the FundamentalsThe building blocks for overall trends & currency momentum
9.30-10.30Understanding the Central BanksTransparency; Rate decision, Statement, Speeches, Minutes & Press Conferences
10.30-11.00Morning Break
11.00-12.00Understanding the Economic DataVarying level of importance: Incorporating a weighting mechanism
12.00-1.00Lunch Break
1.00-2.30Trading the Economic Data LiveTrading Live & Managing execution around volatile markets using T-Rex
2.30-3.00Afternoon Break
3.00-4.00Combining Techs with FundamentalsTechnicals + Fundamentals = Trade
4.00-5.00Review & CloseFull Q & A on all of today’s topics

Day 3 – The Daily Trade Routine & Identifying Market Setups & Conditions

Dec 58am-9amAnalyze The Live Markets - Metastock XenithLive Trading Session - Prepare to Trade
Dec 59am-11amThe Daily Trade RoutineStart each day with no preset agenda
Dec 511am-11:20amCoffee Break
Dec 511:20am-1pmAdvanced Trading StrategiesIdentifying specific market set-ups & trading multiple pairs
Dec 51pm-2pmLunch
Dec 52pm-3:20pmCross Market Analysis & ImpactConnecting FX to Equities/Bonds/Commodities
Dec 53:20pm-3:40pmCoffee Break
Dec 53:40-5pmCourse Recap - Risk On Risk OffUnderstanding the Carry Trade
Dec 55pmClose

Day 4 – Pro Trading – Improving Performance & Funds Management

Dec 68am-9amAnalyze The Live Markets - Metastock XenithLive Trading Session - Prepare to Trade
Dec 69am-11amIntroduction to Trading RiskQuantitative & Qualitative Analysis of your trading account
Dec 611am-11:20amCoffee Break
Dec 611:20am-1pmBuilding a statistical toolkitYour trading statistics are your best resource for improvement
Dec 61pm-2pmLunch
Dec 62pm-3:20pmSetting Performance ObjectivesMonthly & Annual performance objectives are absolutely essential
Dec 63:20pm-3:40pmCoffee Break
Dec 63:40-5pmTrading PsychologyTrading other peoples money is harder than you think
Dec 65pmClose

Day 5 – Bringing it all together – You’re Ready to Trade!

Dec 78am-9amAnalyze The Live Markets - Metastock XenithLive Trading Session - Non-Farm Payrolls
Dec 79am-11amThe Daily RoutineConnecting the Fundamentals with the Technicals
Dec 711am-11:20amCoffee Break
Dec 711:20am-1pmT4TCapital Trading ProgrammeHow it works & how best to complete the practical assessment
Dec 71pm-2pmLunch
Dec 72pm-3:20pmWinner of Trading Competition announcedA complete review of the entire course so you understand everything
Dec 73:20pm-Drinks
Dec 74pmClose