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About Traders4Traders

Traders4Traders - Brad Gilbert teaching class

Don't be one of the 95% that lose trading forex, it doesn't have to be that way.

Traders4Traders or T4T is a Forex Market Education Company set up in 2009 to help Retail Forex traders stop losing and increase their performance in the Foreign Exchange Market, by providing trusted professional, and experienced educators from the banking industry.

It is estimated that 95% of retail traders are losing in the Forex market, this shouldn't be a surprise as nearly all forex educators on the internet have little or no professional forex trading experience. Would you learn to fly an airplane from someone that hasn't had any professional training?

Our primary focus is to empower our retail traders to become profitable themselves by providing:

  1. Education on how to protect their capital
  2. Education on how the forex market works
  3. 247 Support for our traders

What drives us at Traders4Traders?

Our mission when we go to work is to help retail traders become profitable with proven educational training and support.

Gareth Lim

Excellent content and friendly community. Highly recommended to give it a try

Dean L

Brad from Traders4Traders is one of the very few genuine people in this game. He an ex professional bank trader....meaning unlike the majority of so called training facilities happy to take your money to teach you something you could have googled, he has actually had a career trading for some of the world's largest banks. But he is also a very down to earth, honest, genuine person who takes the time to ensure your learning process is evolving and once your training is done he makes the effort to ensure you stay on track and trades alongside you. I cant recommend him and his company enough. If you are ready to make a commitment and willing to do a little work, he has a plan and a process and he offers solid and actionable trading education. His education materials are extensive, and backed by responsive and personal support.

Mark Hepburn

I'm new to this (forex trading) so have a small time frame to gauge the overall effectiveness of T4T. However, I'm extremely impressed with the structure of the T4T principles, and the ongoing guidance from Brad. I can see why this market is a snake pit, however the sound strategies from T4T keeps you almost risk free (provided you control your head)


Traders4Traders Inc (USA)

347 5th Ave

New York City,

About Bradley Gilbert


Bradley Gilbert

Traders4Traders CEO & Founder

Brad has over 25 years of FX trading experience. Prior to setting up T4T in 2009, Brad worked for Citibank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Toronto Dominion Bank. He was Chief FX Dealer of some of the biggest FX teams in Sydney, London & New York. He has also worked extensively through Asia in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam.



Brad graduated from Sydney University in 1989 and then took up a sporting scholarship (Rugby) at University College Dublin in Ireland the same year. It coincided with the Rugby World Cup in Ireland so he thought there’s no better way to watch the tournament then do it for free. Plus he had a load of mates in the Australian team so it was a great opportunity to hang out with the touring team.

When he returned to Sydney he got a job with Citibank in Sydney on the FX trading desk. Little did he know at the time that this would be his life long career. He didn’t know much at the start but it’s like any apprenticeship,  you get your hands dirty, you learn the ropes from veterans and you simply learn on the job. Brad ended up spending the next 18 years globe hopping between Sydney, London and New York working for Citibank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Toronto Dominion Bank.

Brad spent the first few years taking in all the good traits from the best traders and learning not what to do from the less capable guys. After a couple of years he was promoted to a senior dealer status and went about making a name for himself. Still all the while trying to fine tune his skills: technically and fundamentally. At this stage Brad was grateful he had an economic degree as it did come in handy the deeper he got into the fundamentals.

After a few more years Brad was promoted to Chief FX Dealer and in charge of 20 plus traders. This is where things really got wild whilst managing a team being entertained five nights a week. Brad mentioned

"The challenge of being in charge is you have less time for trading yourself as you’re constantly managing the ego maniacs in the team – which is all of them (me included)".

The one thing Brad that points to Brad's success and longevity as a trader in the banks was my willingness to learn every day. He always kept an open mind that he could always learn more and perform better. That knowledge can come from a graduate trainee or one of the other senior traders. So you’re constantly refining your skills and adapting to the market. This keeps you striving and motivated to keep doing what you’re doing in any field for that matter.

Founder & CEO - Traders4Traders - May 2009 - Present

Brad founded Traders4Traders in Australia in 2009 and completed the expansion into the USA during 2012. Brad intorduced an expansive funded trader program which provides the opportunity for enthusiastic and innovative traders for a full time trading career with our company.

Vice President - TD Securities - Aug 2005 - May 2007

  • Manager spot fx pricing and risk
  • Initiating proprietary options and spot risk
  • Reporting all P/L to senior management in Canada
  • Developed close relationships with Toronto & London team members

Chief Dealer - Commonwealth Bank - Jan 98 - Dec 2004

  • Responsible for all FX trading team, reporting P/L to Global Head
  • Responsible for pricing of the banks top tier currency AUD
  • Developed and trained junior staff
  • Set up & managed CBA New York FX operations

Senior Forex Dealer - Citibank - Jan 1990 - Aug -1998

  • Role involved covering of majors FX quoting
  • Initiated proprietary trading team
  • Developing team relationships in New York & London
  • Development & Training of junior staff

Senior Forex Dealer - Yen Trader - Jan 1996 - Jan 1997

  • Responsible for all Yen pricing for Europe - late Asia
  • Responsible for improving the banks profile in Yen products
  • Quoted interbank Usd/Yen & Dem/Yen
  • Developed close relationships with New York office

Forex Dealer (AUD, NZD, CAD) - Citibank - Jan 1995 - Jan 1996

  • Relocated to London in order to improve branch relationship
  • Responsible for development of interbank relationships
  • Developed and trained junior staff
  • Marketed currencies throughout Europe

Forex Dealer (AUD, NZD, CAD) - Citibank - Jan 1992 - Jan 1995

  • Shared AUD pricing with Chief Dealer
  • Responsible for development of interbank relationships
  • Developed and trained junior staff
  • Marketed currencies throughout Asia

Junior Dealer (JPY Assistant) - Citibank - Jan 1990 - Jan 1992

  • Joined Citibank on their Graduate program
  • Learnt all aspects of the market, execution, analysis
  • Kept Senior Traders positions up to date
  • Attended numerous courses & coaching sessions

Brad has an Economics Degree (BEc) & University Blue from the University of Sydney (Australia).

He completed a Rugby Scholarship at University College Dublin (Ireland) with a Masters in Guinness.

He was a licensed & registered Foreign exchange trader with ASIC for 15 years.

He was on the Board of the Australian Foreign Exchange Committee from 2001-2004. (Included 2 RBA reps + 4 traders from the Banks)

He has also completed a Diploma in Financial Planning and is RG146 (ASIC) compliant in Australia.

He is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the National Futures Association (NFA) and has completed the NFA Series 3, 30 and 34 exams.