Forecast – BEARISH

Date Posted:       8 Jan 2020

Currency Pair:     AUDUSD

Current Rating:   WEAK SELL

Forecast Move:    DOWN

Key Tech Level:    0.6920

Potential Opportunity

Trade Action:   SELL RALLY

Stop Loss          0.6925        -25 pips

Entry                  0.6900

Take Profit        0.6825       +75 pips

Chart & Forecast Details

The Aussie dollar has already started to slide lower and I really don’t want to miss the next move down so I’m looking to get short on the next rally back towards 0.6912.

Note: the pricing data on MT4 is inaccurate as it’s missing a lot of price action over the XMAS/New Year period so if you’re using Trendline Trader you’ll need to manually adjust the trendline before activating the order. Cross check your trendlines with Metastock to get the accurate level.

Key Trade Day: Friday 10th Jan – Retail Sales

Brad Gilbert

CEO & Founder of Traders4Traders – Brad has been trading for 28 years and was a former Chief FX Trader for Citibank. Brad trades all markets and all timezones.


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