Best Forex Education Programme

Best Forex Education Programme

Best Forex Education Program on the Internet

Now obviously I’m biased, after all, you’re reading this article on our website and it’s written by yours truly. But I’ve done my research on forex education. There doesn’t appear to be anyone on the internet offering the same level of online forex training as us. I’ll try and be as objective as possible and explain why I think this.

It all starts with the level of experience and expertise that goes into building a program like this that matters. Your future performance hinges largely on what you learn and the method of your training. So it’s imperative you get the most experienced comprehensive programme you can. And that’s what I’ve spent the last 10 years producing and fine tuning!

I spent 20 years working on the trading floors for some of the biggest banks in the world. Half of which was as Chief Dealer, managing 20-30 lunatic forex traders day in day out. I too was one of them and it was no easy task. But I have now transformed all that I learned, all of my knowledge acquired from spending years on the trading desks chatting with seasoned veterans and trading myself, into the best forex education programme on the internet.

The real kicker is, we have incorporated our forex education programme with our T4TCapital Trading programme. To not only give traders the knowledge and understanding to trade for themselves. But also the opportunity to manage our funds.

We don’t just throw you in the deep end watch you slowly drown. We have a clear process for traders to follow:


The Learning stage includes getting access to all of our online forex courses. There are almost 30 years of forex trading experience rolled up into our online forex education programme which consists of 3 online courses:

  1. FX Kickstart Course – Intro to the forex market & trading
  2. FX Pro Trader Course – Your complete ‘start to finish’ trading course
  3. FX Advanced Pro Trader Course – Advanced trading strategies the bankers use

Once you have completed the online courses and associated quizzes you’ll have a very clear understanding of how the market works, why prices fluctuate and how to trade those price movements. Now it’s time to Practice your newly acquired skills via our Practical Assessment.

No time pressures

There are no time pressures on the practical assessment and that’s another reason why I believe it’s the best forex education programme. The last thing you need is a countdown timer hanging over your head as you trade. I’ve seen so many companies do it and it’s so unnecessary. We provide our traders with the best tools and resources available, which includes daily FX Market Insight & analysis, to give them the best possible chance of success.

Trader support

And this is all backed up with our trader support which I believe is second to none. I was sick and tired of seeing companies offer support before you sign up and then once you become a client they forget about you!

So we set about providing 24/7 support

Our support service will guide you through the IT set up, through the practical assessment and continue through the funded accounts as well.

Once you have passed the practical assessment. It’s time to Trade and you will be provided with a fully funded T4TCapital Trading account. Your account will be supported by our in-house Capital Management system. Which will not only track your performance but also guide you through the available limits for your day to day trading. So there’s no guesswork and you can concentrate on trading!

All of the features listed above probably already make it the best forex education program on the internet but we didn’t stop there. We have added a bunch of additional tools and resources to further enhance your experience and overall chance of success. These include our :

  •  Professional Trading Software – T-Rex Live Trader, Trendline Technical Trader, Ichimoku Cloud Trader & the newly released Guerrilla ‘Ambush’ Trader (all free with the Complete Online Forex Trading Course)
  • Next Best Trade – highlighting the best upcoming trade opportunities
  • Detailed Daily Currency Analysis – Technical + Fundamental
  • Monthly Support webinars to not only guide you but also answer all of your questions
  • Virtual Trading Desks – where you can connect and chat with other traders as well as ask all the questions you have!

So as you can see we’ve left no stone unturned. It’s by far and away the best forex education program to get traders of all levels from newbie to experienced making cash out of the forex market.

Advanced Trader Workshop

And for those that want to be fully immersed and expedite the whole Learn, Practice, Trade process you can now attend our ‘Advanced Trader Workshop‘. Where myself and our team will take you through a rigorous interactive workshop to hone your technical and fundamental analysis, capital management and trade execution skills.

We’ve set up the model. It’s now up to you to make a decision. Do you want the Best Forex Education Program on the internet?

We look forward to you joining us and becoming a T4T Capital Funded Trader!

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