Fundamental Analysis

This is where currency direction comes from so make sure you spend plenty of time learning about the fundamentals.

30 10, 2017

After the release of economic data do you hold the position or square up?

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You've got to know when to hold em', know when to fold'em

I've had a load of questions of late associated with trading economic data releases. This is a tricky situation and your success will definitely improve with more experience on trading the economic data.

Kenny Rogers was right on the money when he came up with this nifty tune:

26 08, 2017

Being patient & waiting for a good trade set up is the key to profitable trading

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Welcome to the World of Professional Trading

So you want to trade forex and make a million bucks? Of course you do, everyone does right! But working out how to go about it is extremely tricky especially with all the courses and information available in the market place. I totally understand, for new traders it is extremely difficult to work out where they should start. But like everything in life it always comes down to 'experience' and that should be your [...]

20 07, 2017

Cause and Effect – To trade with the market

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Trade with the Market, Not Against it!

Ever since I started as a Junior trader (fresh out of university) with Citibank I was trained to 'trade with the market' and it's been my mantra ever since I established Traders4Traders back in 2009. But funnily enough it's one of the first questions I'm asked by new traders: "What the hell do you mean?"

Well it's all about trading the flow of the currencies. Don't fight them, work with them.

The only way to identify [...]

5 07, 2017

Identifying the Trading Opportunity

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It all starts with the Central Banks

One of the key skills you need to acquire as a trader is the ability to identify good trading opportunities.

Now this is not simply being able to draw trendlines and understand technical analysis. That is a key component for sure but what I'm talking about is the step before, identifying currency direction and potential trading opportunities.

To get an understanding of what I mean I need to explain how the 'Fundamental' market works.

Long term currency [...]

7 06, 2017

You have to know the Forex basics first!

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Most people rush in without a thought about the basics

Like most things in life you have to know the basics before you can really start improving your performance. Most people sidestep the basics and that’s why they never really succeed. Whether it’s sport, careers or simple hobbies you like doing…no one becomes a Pro or extremely good at those things without solid ground work on the basics.


Just for a minute think of the old fisherman you see around the place. [...]