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28 11, 2017

Cryptocurrencies – Bubble or breakthrough?

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The Central Banks Are On Edge & For Good Reason

I've been getting asked a lot lately about crytocurrencies and if we should be trading them. So I thought I'd explore what's out there and give you some feedback.

For me it's way too risky. If the currencies were moving like this you wouldn't be trading. But that's not the only problem for me.

Firstly there's no history to trade against . That means no technical analysis to gauge your entry and [...]

12 11, 2017

How do Bankers Trade Forex?

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I'm glad to announce we will be running a 5 part series on 'How do bankers trade forex?'. The webinars are FREE and open to all traders from around the world.

This is going to be 'first hand' experience from my 20 years of experience on the front line of some of the biggest forex trading teams in the world. FACT: The Bankers make up 5% of all traders in the forex market yet they are responsible for 95% [...]

17 06, 2017

We want to reward your loyalty with a huge deal

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Hi Traders,

I am happy to say our new FX trading website is in the final stages of development and will be launched on 3rd July (barring any major catastrophes).

New Logo - New Colours - and an amazing product that is going to be extremely interactive and blow your mind!

New Features

It will feature your on myFXTradingHub - that will have everything you need to trade.

It will include the:

18 02, 2016

What to expect at a T4T Meetup

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The most unique and interesting approach to forex trading you will find

Come and meet traders that have worked on some of the biggest bank forex trading teams in the world. Focusing on most markets: forex, stock indices, commodities, and metals, this group has it all and can demonstrate profitability.

Since there's been no readily available 'source' of experienced information in the market most traders bounce from one approach to another, waste a gazillion hours watching webinars from 'so-called experts' and [...]