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Analysing your performance is the BEST ‘probability enhancer’

Your Most Recent Performance is the Best Gauge

We're always looking for an edge over the market when we're trading. You know, trying new things, looking at a range of indicators, or analysing the performance of some other secret system you've 'thought up'. These additional tit bits are what we call probability enhancers.

The aim of "Probability [...]

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Make Sure You’re Trading for the Right Reasons

Are you trading to supplement your income or to cover your day to day financial obligations?

One of the most important yet least thought about components of trading is "Trading Psychology". As far as I'm concerned it's second behind 'capital management' with regards importance for your overall longevity and success as a trader.  Funnily enough both [...]

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Being patient & waiting for good trade set ups is the key to profitable trading

Welcome to the World of Professional Trading

So you want to trade forex and make a million bucks? Of course you do, everyone does right! But working out how to go about it is extremely tricky especially with all the courses and information available in the market place. I totally understand, for new traders it is [...]

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Get it right from the very start

Mission Critical

The path to success with the T4T FX Pro Trader course begins with taking the time to go through the content methodically and making sure you understand every component, especially Capital Management.

This article contains five keys that will shape your entire outcome as a trader. Do not begin trading until you’ve read and understood [...]

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How to overcome the FOMO in trading

FOMO - The Fear Of Missing Out

This is FOMO—fear of missing out, is defined as “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.”

When you consistently “connect” with people, you become vulnerable to the comparison game and this can be extremely detrimental to everything you're trying to achieve.

The FOMO [...]

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To trade with the market you have to understand the “Cause and Effect”

Trade with the Market, Not Against it!

Ever since I started as a Junior trader (fresh out of university) with Citibank I was trained to 'trade with the market' and it's been my mantra ever since I established Traders4Traders back in 2009. But funnily enough it's one of the first questions I'm asked by new traders: [...]

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Identifying the Trading Opportunity

It all starts with the Central Banks

One of the key skills you need to acquire as a trader is the ability to identify good trading opportunities.

Now this is not simply being able to draw trendlines and understand technical analysis. That is a key component for sure but what I'm talking about is the step before, [...]

Stop, Reflect, Reset ………Focus on your Goals for the upcoming week!

Trading Long Term - What's really involved?

I was just discussing a few trading outcomes with a client and it dawned on me that the person has no clear plan beyond tomorrow.

Sure they have a trading plan but what I mean is they have no plan for the week ahead, no plan for potential opportunities, no [...]

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You have to know the Forex basics first!

Most people rush in without a thought about the basics

Like most things in life you have to know the basics before you can really start improving your performance. Most people sidestep the basics and that’s why they never really succeed. Whether it’s sport, careers or simple hobbies you like doing…no one becomes a Pro or [...]

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