Advanced Day Trading Course: Day Trading Strategies

Brad · February 5, 2023

Now that you know how to Trade the Technicals & the News Releases with professional Capital Management, you’re now ready to get into more advanced aspects of trading.

We’ll start by preparing your ‘Professional Traders Mindset’ & that will lead into more Advanced Technical and Fundamental Analysis. Understanding these topics will build out the knowledge required to utilise more Advanced Trading Strategies that the Bankers use.

Take your time learning these advanced trading strategies. I would highly encourage you to start with just one strategy and then when you have mastered that try another. Just remember everyone’s different. What works for one trader may not work for another.

After a short while you’ll be able to identify which advanced trading strategies work best for you & that’s when you can start crushing the market!

Good luck.

Brad Gilbert

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Day Trading Strategies

Advanced Fundamental Analysis
The Central Bank Interest Rate Hiking Cycle
Extremely High Impacting News Release
Advanced Day Trading Strategies
Trading Psychology
MetaStock News & Analysis Platform
TradingView Analysis Platform

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Brad has over 33 years of Professional trading experience. Prior to setting up T4T in 2009, Brad worked for Citibank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Toronto Dominion Bank. He was Chief FX Dealer of some of the biggest FX teams in Sydney, London & New York. He has also worked extensively through Asia in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam

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