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Now that you have completed the Pro Trader course you should have a very good understanding of market structure, you should understand what makes prices moves and definitely know how to trade those price movements. You should fully understand the basic core strategies: Range, Break, False Break & Trend trades. These strategies are extremely important and are definitely enough to get you started making cash but to go to the next level you need to widen your horizons and really nail specific market setups that often repeat themselves.

This course will expand your trading skill-set by incorporating a number of advanced trading strategies that investment bankers use to maximize their performance. Each strategy focuses on a specific tool or market set up to that once identified by you will enable you to leverage upon the opportunity with greater confidence and control then you’ve ever had before.

Once armed with these advanced strategies you will see the market in a whole new light and it’s just a matter of maintaining your patience and waiting for the opportunities to present themselves.

Through this package you will learn how to:

  1. Trade the Ichimoku cloud with precision
  2. Scalp the market with absolute control
  3. Analyze the market at specific times & place orders in the market whilst you go about your day
  4. Take advantage of major stop loss runs
  5. Trade, utilize and understand the Fibonacci indicator
  6. Manage your trading around live economic data releases
  7. Trade the Asian session effectively
  8. Make trading decisions around the oil price.

This course is designed for traders who are keen to learn and expand their trading skills. If you have the dream of becoming a full-time trader then you’re definitely going to need them!

The course includes 112 Videos – 9 Hours 13 Minutes of Footage

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