Pro Day Trading Course: Trading Risk Management

Brad · February 4, 2023

We’ve got the Capital Management system to not only get you started from scratch, but which will guide you as your trading experience grows & develops. By the time you finish our risk management course you’ll be a super confident Risk Manager ready to attack the market.

If you’ve never experienced Capital Management before the best starting point is the Four Consecutive Loss Rule or 4CLR. Then from here as you get more experience reading the market and as your trade selection improves it should expand into a more dynamic profile, namely Dynamic Capital Management.

Then as your account balance grows & you aim for higher performance you will start doing less trades and making more money because your trade size is so much bigger. It’s at this point I would categorise you as an Elite trader, and it’s the ideal time to incorporate Maximum Alpha Capital Management. It’s specifically designed for managing bigger cash and bigger trade size, and hence much bigger performance.

Capital Management isn’t just about managing your cash. It’s a mindset that controls your “trading behaviour”. It connects your cash to your trade plan. It’s about developing and building confidence and keeping your emotional and ‘account balance’ highs and lows under control. It ties directly into your emotional state – trading psychology. Which is a huge component of long-term success. You either have it or you don’t.

The good news is we have a solid capital management system that you can implement and tailor to your own specific targets and risk appetite. It will not only give you structure but will build and develop the necessary trading behaviour you need to be consistently successful.

Let’s get started!

Brad Gilbert

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Trading Risk Management

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Brad has over 33 years of Professional trading experience. Prior to setting up T4T in 2009, Brad worked for Citibank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Toronto Dominion Bank. He was Chief FX Dealer of some of the biggest FX teams in Sydney, London & New York. He has also worked extensively through Asia in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam

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