Forex Trading Career

Diploma In Professional Forex Trading - A Traders4Traders Forex Trading Course

Diploma In Professional Forex Trading

Career Path

In-House Training

Forex Trading Career

T4TCapital Incubator Fund

During the program, you will be part of the T4TCapital team and act as a ‘Student Trader’. Upon graduation, you will become an ‘Associate Trader’ with T4TCapital, with career progression to ‘Junior Trader’, and ‘Senior Trader’.

Student Trader
No Salary during the program, but profit share on your live ‘personal’ live trading account, enabling you to recoup the cost of this program.

Associate Trader
First 3 Month Probation –  No basic Salary + 50% of profits (paid annually) above the 10% Hurdle Rate.
After 3 Month Probation – USD$25,000 per year (paid monthly) + 30% of profits (paid annually) above the 10% Hurdle Rate.

Junior Trader
USD$50,000 per year + Annual Bonus/Commission

Senior Trader
USD$100,000 per year + Annual Bonus/Commission

Calculating Annual Bonus/Commission

Commissions are paid annually and are only paid after hitting your annual target. Your annual target will depend on your wages and the size of the trading account your trading. Your annual commission payment is 10% of all profits made above your annual target.

Job placement with an external hedge fund

All career and compensation packages for external Hedge Funds will be provided when offered a position.