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Diploma In Professional Forex Trading - A Traders4Traders Forex Trading Course

Diploma In Professional Trading

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1-on-1 Trader Coaching

The 1-on-1 coaching is a deep dive into professional trading. It’s a massive expansion from the Financial Markets Masterclass course. We’ll be fine tuning your market knowledge with particular focus on Market Analysis (technical & fundamental), Risk Management. The 1-on-1 training will take out all the noise & leave you with a clear path and plan to attack the markets day in day out.

The student will have control of what they learn and can direct the coach to areas they need more information. We won’t be following a set manual, instead the student can control their learning process. There’s nothing better than having an experience coach in your corner!

Module 2 – Gold Membership


Experience Level: Novice to Expert



  1. Completion of Module 1 – Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course
  2. MetaStock Xenith subscription and installed
  3. Install all T4T Trade Tools onto your MT4

The 1-on-1 Coaching module is advanced training and requires a full understanding of Module 1 the Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course. If you’re not up the curve it will be clearly obvious & you will get left behind very quickly!


The 1-on-1 Trader Coaching is the bridge between retail and professional trading, it is a deep dive into all aspects of the financial markets and trading where the student is up skilled. 

The 1-on-1 trader coaching will flush out any grey areas you may have from Module 1 – The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course and trains the student to ‘read’ the market using a professional real time global data service, Refinitiv Metastock Xenith. This is where the knowledge of the Technical’s and macro-economic Fundamental’s merge together to provide the student with the foundations for their daily trade routine.

Students will learn how to assess the trading opportunity and categorize it as either a low risk, medium risk, or high-risk trading opportunity. Once they have these details, they can apply their trade plan which includes all aspects from Entry level to Capital Management through to their exit levels. By the time the student completes the 1-on-1 coaching they will have complete confidence and control over their trading activities, they will know what it means to work in a team, they will fully understand the financial market mechanics, specifically the relationship between Bonds, Equities, Currencies, and Interest rates and know how to execute efficiently using all the T4T trade tools.

1-on-1 Trader Coaching Objective

The 1-on-1 Trader Coaching is an upskill module to fast-track the traders knowledge, & understanding of the market and all the trading instruments. The aim is to prepare the trader as much as possible for the day in day out grind of trading. 

Knowing what to look at and when to look at them is key to fast and efficient analysis of the market. Becoming a Pro trader is as much about learning the skills as it is understanding the mental approach required to be truly successful. This module will not only upskill you but will fully prepare you for the next step – Professional trading in a team environment.

1-on-1 Trader Coaching Learning Outcomes

CLO 1: Market Knowledge
Students will have a complete understanding of all asset classes and the underlying macroeconomic fundamentals that drive the financial markets.

CLO 2: Trade Idea Generation & Teamwork
Students will be able to propose effective trade ideas, through the application of rigorous market analysis and critical thinking in a team environment.

CLO 3: Capital Management
Students will be able to harness, manage, and implement stringent capital management throughout their trading activities that not only protect their account against large drawdowns but also take advantage of optimum trade setups and trending markets.

CLO 4: Clinical Execution of the Trade Plan
Students will be aware of the importance of sticking to the daily trade routine, trade plan, and making sure trade execution is flawless.


The 1-on-1 Trader Coaching is a key module of the Diploma in Professional Trading. The next module of development builds upon this skillset but now concentrates on the individual student characteristics and risk appetite to improve personal trading performance and to provide overall training feedback.