Diploma in Professional Forex Trading

Diploma/Diploma Schedule

In-Person Fast Track Forex Workshop

Diploma Schedule

Module 2
In-Person Fast Track Workshop

Cost of Module 2: USD$6,000
Duration: 5 days

  1. Completion of Module 1 – Foundation Online Forex Courses
  2. Personal Laptop Computer setup
  3. MetaStock Xenith subscription and installed
  4. Install all T4T Trade Tools onto your MT4
  5. Install and set up Edgewonk Software

Experience Level: Beginners to Experts
Instructor: Brad Gilbert


The in-person fast track workshop is the bridge between retail and professional trading, where the student is assessed on their individual risk appetite to create a risk profile and an individual trade plan customized to the individual student trader. The workshop expands on the content from Module 1 and trains the student to ‘read’ the  market using a professional real time global data service, Metastock Xenith. This is where the knowledge of the technicals and macro-economic fundamentals merge together to provide the student with the foundations for their daily trade routine. Students will learn how to assess the trading opportunity and categorise it as either a low risk, medium risk or high-risk trading opportunity. Once they have these details their individual trade plans will take over and control their capital management and exit levels. By the time the workshop concludes students will have complete confidence and control over their trading activities, they will understand how the market works and how to execute efficiently using all the T4T trade tools.

Students will be expected to attend one of the pre arranged workshops in New York, London and the Gold Coast, Australia. The cost of travel and accommodation to the workshop is covered by the Tuition Rebate Scheme.

Workshop Itinerary

Day 1: Global Economics & Core Forex Market, Technical Analysis, Metastock Xenith

Day 2: Fundamental Analysis, Central Banks, Macro-Economic Data, Trading the Fundamentals

Day 3: Combining the Technicals with the Fundamentals, Capital Management & Advanced Capital Management

Day 4: Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis, Advanced Trading Strategies, Inter-Market Analysis

Day 5: How to Pass the Practical Assessment, Trading Psychology, Preparing for Modules 3, 4, 5, 6

Workshop Content

Part 1 – Global Economics & the Core Forex Market

Part 2 – Market Analysis – Technical Analysis

Part 3 – Technical Analysis using Refinitiv

Part 4 – Trading the Technicals – Execution on MT4

Part 5 – Market Analysis – Fundamental Analysis

Part 6 – Central Banks: Structure, Sentiment & Operations

Part 7 – Geopolitical Events

Part 8 – Macro Economic Fundamentals

Part 9 – Trading the Fundamentals – Execution on MT4

Part 10 – Combining the Technical’s with the Fundamentals

Part 11 – Capital Management

Part 12 – Advanced Capital Management

Part 13 – Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

Part 14 – Advanced Trading Strategies

Part 15 – Inter-Market Analysis

Part 16 – How to Pass the Practical Assessment

Part 17 – Trading Psychology

Part 18 – Preparing for Module 3, 4, 5, & 6

Upcoming Workshops

New York, USA

Dates: February 10-14, 2020
Venue: 55 Broad Street, Financial District, New York, USA
Max Capacity: 20 seats
Language: English
Instructor: Brad Gilbert

London, UK

Dates: February 17-21, 2020
Venue: Mayfair, London, United Kingdom
Max Capacity: 20 seats
Language: English
Instructor: Brad Gilbert

Byron Bay, Australia

Dates: March 30-03, 2020
Venue: Byron Bay SLSC
Max Capacity: 10 seats
Language: English
Instructor: Brad Gilbert

Course Learning Outcomes

CLO 1: Market Knowledge
Students will have a complete understanding of the forex market and the underlying macroeconomic fundamentals that drive the financial markets.

CLO 2: Trade Idea Generation
Students will be able to propose effective trade ideas, through the application of rigorous market analysis and critical thinking.

CLO 3: Capital Management
Students will be able to harness, manage and implement stringent capital management throughout their trading activities that not only protect their account against large drawdowns but also take advantage of optimum trade setups and trending markets.

CLO 4: Clinical Execution of the Trade Plan
Students will be aware of the importance of sticking to the daily trade routine, trade plan and making sure trade execution is flawless.

Next Steps

The student will now be armed with all the knowledge and tools to trade professionally on their own. Students will trade with the Daily Trade Routine removing emotions completely from their trading, whilst automatically controlling their capital with their individual risk profile and trade plans.

Students will now be assigned to a team and start Module 3 – Team Training.