Module 3 – Trader Development Program

We Use The Principles Of Elite Performance To Grow & Develop Traders

Diploma In Professional Forex Trading - A Traders4Traders Forex Trading Course

Diploma In Professional Trading

Potential Career Path

Trading Full-time with T4TCapital’s Incubator Fund

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High-Performance Trader Mentoring

Join a team of like-minded traders on the path to trader funding. You will get access to the $100,000 Assessment account with no time limit to pass and unlimited resets. Better still you will have access to our ‘High-Performance Team’ chat, so you’ll never be trading alone. Your performance will be constantly critiqued by our professional traders with the aim of getting you into our funding program.

Module 3- Platinum Membership


Experience Level: Intermediate to Experts


  1. Completion of Module 1 – Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course
  2. Completion of Module 2 – 1-on-1 Coaching


The High-Performance Trader Mentoring is a demanding program that prepares and develops traders for a potential full-time trading role with the T4TCapital Incubator Fund, or in fact with any professional forex trading fund or company.

The High-Performance Trader Mentoring is designed to turn you into a professional trader to trade for the newly formed T4TCapital FX Incubator Fund. It will help you develop the skills and gain the experience required to build a successful trading career with us. 

Typically, the program takes around 3 months to complete, but it may take longer if it established that you need more time to reach the qualification, we stay with you to final qualification. You will find that the program is highly individualized and dynamic, tailored to your aptitude and experience, as well as the requirements of the T4TCapital Trading Team. When you join the program, you will no longer be a customer of T4T but a team member of the T4TCapital Team. With the ongoing support of a dedicated mentor, you’ll be learning and practicing at all stages of development. 

Upon graduation and completion, you will be eligible to become an Associate Trader. Along the way, you will sharpen your ability to analyze the Financial Markets and fine tune your Trade Execution whilst discovering opportunities to generate profit with excellent Capital Management skills. 

We will provide you with plenty of feedback and assess you regularly– there are several ‘stages’ that you need to pass through – so you’ll always know how you’re progressing. 

At the end of the High-Performance Trader Mentoring, there’s a final assessment to validate your readiness to trade. Pass this and you will be officially Trader Ready and fully equipped to trade and become an Associate Trader with T4TCapital. 

All-Access Pass to T4T’s 247 Trade Zone & Weekly Team Meetings

Traders will have an all-access pass to T4T’s 247 Trade Zone as well as the Weekly Team meetings.

Traders can discuss topics they either don’t understand or are having issues with and allow collaboration on market analysis. The small group discussions will ensure no traders get left behind in the training program.

Part 1 – $100,000 Practical Assessment

Student Traders will be provided with a $100K Practical Assessment trading account which they will use to test trading strategies, execution and implement team trade plans. All student traders accounts will be linked to Our Leaderboard and visible to all other traders in the program. Student Traders will be encouraged to maintain a trade journal – including trade ideas, setups, strategies before and after results.

There is no reset fee in the program. If you breach the drawdown limits for the first time your trading account is suspended for a week. After the week is over your account is reset to the starting balance and you can continue to trade. If you breach the drawdown limits for the second time your trading account is suspended for two weeks. After the two weeks is over your account is reset to the starting balance and you can continue to trade. This process is ongoing, and a week is added to the suspension of the account with every new breach. So, the 3rd breach gets a 3-week suspension, so on and so forth. The same rules apply if you choose to reset the account early before breaching the drawdown limits.

Part 2 – High Performance Trader Mentoring Goal

Students will encouraged to continue collaborating as a team, however they will focus on improving their individual trading performance, and will be provided guidance with respect to improving their performance and profitability. During Module 3 students can also request 1-On-1 meetings when they feel they need additional help.

Weekly 1-On-1 Individual Performance Reviews

Weekly individual trader performance analysis – Your Coach will be using the ‘Trader Profitability Code‘ to fine tune your overall profitability. The purpose of the weekly performance reviews is to widen your profitability gap by remove all trading activity that is hurting the traders overall profitability. This is a key component of the student trader’s development and improvement. We will be analyzing all aspects of the trader’s performance including profitability, traded pairs, performance on various pairs, average holding time, the risk to reward ratio to name but a few.

The student trader is expected to provide details of their trading activities by way of a trade journal including why, when and how they traded and the overall result. This will lead enhanced personal performance. You will constantly be working towards hitting the profit target in the practical assessment.

Additional mentoring from senior traders will continue throughout this 3-month period. Student Traders will be expected to adhere to the T4T Rules of Engagement.

Objectives to Pass the $100,000 Practical Assessment

Make 8% profit without breaching the 5% maximum drawdown limit and have an overall win ratio ≥45% whilst making sure their best day profit is <40% of their total profits.


A leaderboard will display every individuals’ trading performance. This should create a competitive spirit amongst the team and provide traders with further motivation to hit the profit target of the practical assessment.

Part 3 – Trading Live Accounts

Once the Student has passed the $100K Practical Assessment they have officially Graduated with a Diploma in Professional Trading. They will now be provided with a fully funded Live T4TCapital USD$100,000 account to trade and will sign a trading agreement with T4TCapital.

Scaling Up Your Live Account to $1,000,000

This funded trading account will be traded and scaled up to $250,000 if they make 20% profit and have an overall win ratio ≥45%.

It will be scaled up to $500,000 if they make a further 20% profit and have an overall win ratio ≥45%.

It will be scaled up to $750,000 if they make a further 20% profit and have an overall win ratio ≥45%.

It will be scaled up to $1,000,000 if they make a further 20% profit and have an overall win ratio ≥45%.

A student who continues to have consistent success and scales up their account will find themselves trading for the T4TCapital Incubator Fund in no time at all.

Tuition Rebate Scheme

Module 3 makes the student eligible for the 100% Tuition Rebate Scheme. All tuition fees and costs for the Workshop are included. The first profits made within this stage up to the agreed amount will be reimbursed at a rate of 100%. Once the amount has been returned the student will then continue trading using the Profit Share Schedule.

This is the students opportunity to get the whole program free of charge.