Diploma in Professional Forex Trading

Diploma/Diploma Schedule

One On One Training

Diploma Schedule

Module 4
One On One Training

Prerequisite: Completion of Module 3 – Team Training
Duration: 2 months

One On One Training Objective

After Module 3 students will now receive One On One scheduled meetings. Students will continue to trade in their respective teams, however they will focus on improving their individual trading performance, and will be provided with Trade Plans and Performance Targets. This will lead to enhanced team performance and overall fund performance. They will build on their existing trading account.

Delivery & Assessment

Student Traders will continue to trade their $100K Practical Assessment trading account which they will use to test trading strategies, execution and implement team trade plans. All student traders accounts will be linked to MyFxBook and visible to all other traders in the program. Any breaches of the rules will result in your trading account being reset to the starting balance. There is no reset fee in the program. Student Traders will be expected to maintain a trade journal – including trade ideas, setups, strategies before and after results.

Weekly Team Meetings

The purpose of the Weekly Team meeting is to provide a sounding board for traders to discuss topics they either don’t understand or are having issues with and allow collaboration on market analysis. The small group discussions will ensure no traders get left behind in the development program. Attendance at weekly team meetings is expected.

The weekly team meeting will be divided into two parts:

Part 1 – Mentor Presentation

  • In the first part (15-20 mins) of the team meeting, the mentor will run through the previous weeks key events and results as well as look at potential opportunities for the week ahead.

Part 2 – Student Participation

  • Students will be expected to participate by presenting their own trade ideas and potential upcoming opportunities.
  • There will also be time for students to raise any issues or problems they may have.

Weekly One On One Online Meetings

Weekly Individual trader analysis – our team analyses your performance: risk management, trade execution, and trade selection.

Additional mentoring from senior traders will continue throughout this 2-month period. Student Traders will be expected to adhere to the T4T Rules of Engagement. Drawdowns in excess of 10% will require a complete reset of the account and further training in this module will be required.


The leaderboard will continue from Module 3 and improvements in individual trading performance will be visible to all student traders.