Diploma in Professional Forex Trading

Diploma/Diploma Schedule

Final Assessment & Graduation

Diploma Schedule

Final Assessment & Graduation

With 2 months live trading under your belt the mentors will evaluate and assess each student trader with specific criteria to determine if the trader has displayed all the qualities required of a professional trader and whether they are ready to trade for the fund:

• Drawdowns versus overall profitability
• Understanding of the market
• Teamwork, contribution & attendance of weekly webinars

The final determination is made by Brad Gilbert. If you are successful, then you will graduate and become an ‘Associate Trader’ and start trading the T4TCapital Incubator Fund.

At this stage, it is very unlikely you will not graduate; however, unforeseen circumstances may predicate this. If this is the case our mentors will continue to support, you at all stages with the goal of getting you through the program.

Upon successful graduation your framed Diploma will be mailed to your address.