Program Learning Outcomes

Diploma In Professional Forex Trading - A Traders4Traders Forex Trading Course

Diploma In Professional Trading

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Trading Full-time with T4TCapital’s Incubator Fund

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students will have a high level of specialized trading knowledge and capacity for responsible capital management, underpinned by ethical professional practice. Students will be able to harness, manage and communicate trading information effectively and work collaboratively with others. Students will become an experienced market analyst, with a global macroeconomic perspective, trade execution competence and the potential for a full-time trading role with T4T Capital.

Our Program Learning Outcomes (PLO’s) embody the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that are taught, practiced and assessed throughout the Diploma. They articulate what students should know and be able to do upon successful completion of the course

PLO 1: Market Knowledge
Students will have a complete understanding of the forex market and the underlying macroeconomic fundamentals that drive the financial markets.

PLO 2: Trade Idea Generation 
Students will be able to propose effective trade ideas, through the application of rigorous market analysis and critical thinking.

PLO 3: Capital Management
Students will be able to harness, manage and implement stringent capital management throughout their trading activities that not only protect their account against large drawdowns but also take advantage of optimum trade setups and trending markets.

PLO 4: Clinical Execution of the Trade Plan
Students will be aware of the importance of sticking to the daily trade routine, trade plan and making sure trade execution is flawless.

PLO 5: Teamwork
Students will interact and collaborate effectively with others to achieve common trading goals and reflect critically on the process and the outcomes.

PLO 6: Responsible Fund Management practices
Students will develop and be committed to responsible fund management thinking and approaches, which are underpinned by ethical professional practice.

PLO 7: Leadership development
Students will develop the capacity to take initiative, encourage forward thinking and bring about innovation, while effectively influencing others to achieve desired results.