T4TCapital Professional Forex Trader Development Program

Program Overview

Program Resources

Program Resources

The Traders4Traders website contains relevant program content including access to the online courses, all trading software, and daily market analysis.


The myFXTradingHub provides daily technical analysis and central bank outlook as well as the upcoming extremely high impacting events. Student traders are encouraged to consult the myFXTradingHub daily until they master their daily trade routine.

Weekly Team Meetings

The weekly webinars have been designed to appropriately challenge students and support the achievement of the desired learning outcomes. A climate of inquiry and dialogue is encouraged between students and mentors and among students in the 247 Trade Zone.

The mentors aim to provide meaningful and timely feedback to students to improve learning outcomes. With appropriate guidance, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning & trading.

Weekly Individual Trader Reviews

The purpose of the weekly trader reviews is to provide positive feedback on trading activities and overall performance by reviewing the traders ‘MyFxBook’ trade statistics. This is a key component of the student trader’s development and improvement.

We will be analyzing all aspects of the trader’s performance including Profitability, traded pairs, performance on various pairs, average holding time, the risk to reward ratio to name but a few.

The student trader is expected to provide details of their trading activities by way of their trade journal including why, when and how they traded and the overall result.

247 Trade Zone – Mobile App & Desktop

While students may have preferred individual learning strategies, it is important to note that most learning and experience will be achieved outside of the weekly webinars. The Weekly team meetings can only provide a structure to assist your progress, and performance reviews are limited to last week’s trading activity so it’s important all traders connect on our 247 Trade Zone.

The 247 Trade zone will keep all student trader’s up to date with all market activity as well as:

• Provide a sounding board for all question’s traders may have
• A connection hub for all traders in the trading teams and trader development program.