Diploma in Professional Forex Trading

Course Overview

Student Assessment

Student Assessment

Assessment Summary

As a student trader at T4T you are expected to display integrity in your work and interactions. Where a student breaches T4T Capital’s Code of Conduct, the Company may take disciplinary action under the T4T Capital Student Misconduct Procedure.

Training Record

Throughout the program, the student will have regular reviews and all of the students performance and aptitude will be maintained in the Student Training Record. The Student will have access to their training record at all times. Our Fund Manager Partners will only have access to the Student Training Record when they identify a promising trader whilst trading for the T4TCapital Incubator Fund, to assist in their assessment for a Forex Trader Job Placement.

Trader Risk Tolerance Assessment

No two traders are the same. So, it’s important we identify each traders risk profile before they commence trading to make sure they don’t over trade or under trade. Once we have the trader’s risk profile, we can tailor individual trade plans to optimize the overall performance of each trader.

Online Course Quizzes

Traders require an 80% pass mark on the Quizzes at the end of each lesson in the online courses to progress to the Workshop.

Weekly Individual Trader Reviews

The purpose of the weekly trader reviews is to provide positive feedback on trading activities and overall performance by reviewing the traders ‘MyFxBook’ trade statistics. This is a key component to the student trader’s development and improvement. We will be analyzing all aspects of the trader’s performance including: Profitability, traded pairs, performance on various pairs, average holding time, risk to reward ratio to name but a few.
The student trader is expected to provide details of their trading activities by way of their trade journal including why, when and how they traded and the overall result.

Final Assessment & Graduation

At the end of the program the mentors will evaluate and assess each student trader with specific criteria to determine if the trader has displayed all the qualities required of a professional trader and whether they are ready to trade the fund:
• Drawdowns versus overall profitability
• Understanding of the market
• Teamwork, contribution & attendance of weekly webinars