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How do I get a Forex T4TCapital Trading Account?

The only way to get a Forex T4TCapital™ Trading Account is by successfully passing Step 1 the Practical Assessment. To pass the Practical Assessment you need to:

  1. Reach your accounts profit target without breaching any rules and
  2. Trade the minimum trade volume (notional Value)

The Profit Target is calculated after all open trades are closed. This means that any open trades will need to be closed before you can be considered for completion of the Practical Assessment. You have as much time as you need to pass the Practical Assessment (Step 1). Once you pass the Practical Assessment you will receive your Forex Funded Account within 24 hours of passing the Practical Assessment.

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Can I open a trading account with any brokerage company?

No, you will be trading our accounts. Traders4Traders will provide the trading accounts (demo & live) for you to trade.

We use Atlantic Pearl Ltd (a brand of MT. Cook Financial), a boutique brokerage that focuses on professional & institutional traders, offering 60+ currency pairs, gold, and silver, plus CFD Indices and Futures for trade on the MetaTrader 4.

Atlantic Pearl Ltd. is a wholesale boutique brokerage firm that has the tightest spreads and lowest commissions and provides the ideal framework for our Funded Trader Programme.

What is the Time Limit for the Program?

Practical Assessment

There is no time limit to complete the practical assessment.

Live Forex T4TCapital™ Trader Account

There is no time limit placed on the management of the live T4TCapital™ trading account, however, if your trading account is inactive for more than 3 months we will assume you have given up and lost interest and your live T4TCapital™ trading account will be suspended.

Can I trade my own personal account at the same time?

Yes, you can. This is a great way to maximize your trading during the practical assessment.

Some traders believe time spent on the practical assessment is wasted as the money they make is not ‘real’. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case.

The best thing to do is set up a ‘copy trade’ facility on your practical assessment account and then when you trade, these trades will be copied onto your personal account.

That way you’re not wasting any time going through the practical assessment.

We can provide a free ‘copy trade’ EA for you to use.

Is the Practical Assessment free?

No. But we have made the Practical Assessment a one-off fee to take the pressure off you and enable you to trade at your own pace. You also get access to all of our resources from our myFXtradingHub – Daily Analysis, Next Best Trade, 247 Trade Zone to name but a few, with your single payment fee.

What happens when I successfully complete the practical assessment stage?

Your trading account will be reviewed by our senior team and if everything is in order, you will be provided with a live T4TCapital™ trading account according to your practical assessment trading account size. You will then enter into a profit share agreement with T4TCapital.

What happens if I hit the drawdown limits on my funded account after I have passed the practical assessment?

If you hit the drawdown limits on your funded account you will automatically lose access to the funded account. You can, however, sign up again for the practical assessment and once again prove to us that you can manage a funded account.

How does the tuition rebate work?

When you signup for the T4T Complete Online Forex Course or the 5 Day Fast Track Workshop, once you have finished the Courses and successfully completed the Practical Assessment you will be given one of our live $100K accounts with real cash and the first USD$1,499 profit you make in this account is paid straight back to you making this whole programme Free of Charge!

After that, any profits are paid according to our current profit share schedule.

Rules of Engagement

How does the Maximum Trade Size work?

It’s easier to explain how the Maximum trade size works with an example.

Example: The maximum trade size for a trader with a $25K account is 2.5 lots.

The trader has 3 options:

  1. They can have 1 open position, less than or equal to 2.5 lots
  2. They can have many open positions, the sum of which must be less than or equal to 2.5 lots.
  3. They can leave pending orders in the market but the sum of all open positions plus pending orders must be less than or equal to 2.5 lots

If a trader has 2 open positions of 1.0 lots each and has a pending order of 1.0 lots if that pending order is triggered they will have 3.0 lots in the market.

They would have breached their maximum position size and their account will be suspended immediately.

Traders who have been funded, your maximum trade size increases with the account balance!

The trading accounts are maintained at 10:1 Leverage. That means if you increase your account balance your trade size also increases.

Example: A trader starts with a $100,000 trading account. They have a maximum of 10.0 lots to trade with.

If they increase their trading account to $150,000, their maximum trade size also increases to 15.0 lots.

Note: If they withdraw cash out of the account their maximum trade size is automatically reduced with the adjustment in the account balance.

How does the Maximum Loss Limit work?

If the equity balance in your trading account, at any stage, hits or falls below the Maximum loss limit, well that’s a breach of limits and you’ll need to reset the account.

The maximum loss limit includes:

  • All open positions
  • All closed positions

For the total duration of your account.

That means if during an open trade you hit or go over the maximum loss limit you will have broken the limits and you’ll need to reset the account.

To monitor your equity balance look at the ‘Equity Balance’ in the Terminal window on your MT4.

There are 2 features to the Maximum Loss Limit:

  1. It continuously trails your account balance until it equals your starting balance
  2. It remains stationary at your starting balance for the remainder of the accounts life.

If you Breach the maximum loss limit you can reset your account for a $99 fee at any time.

How does the Weekly Loss Limit work?

If the equity balance in your trading account, at any stage during the week, hits or falls below the Weekly loss limit, well that’s a breach of limits and you’ll need to reset the account.

The weekly loss limit includes:

  • All open positions
  • All closed positions

For the current trading week.

That means if during an open trade you hit or go over the weekly loss limit you will have broken the limits and you’ll need to reset the account.

To monitor your equity balance look at the ‘Equity Balance’ in the Terminal window on your MT4.

There are 3 features to the Weekly Loss Limit:

  1. It is reset every week at the start of trading on Monday
  2. It continuously trails your account balance
  3. It remains stationary all week, so that means if you make money earlier in the week, you’ll have more cash to play with for the remainder of the week.

If you Breach the weekly loss limit you can reset your account for a $99 fee at any time.

What does ‘Minimum Trade Volume’ mean?

We want to see consistent and disciplined trading and the only way to see that is by getting you to complete a minimum number of trades.

The minimum trade volume is based on the number of lots you trade. One trade is considered to include the opening and closing of a position.

Example: A trader buys 10 lots of EURUSD at 1.1625 and sells them out at 1.1625 for no net gain. That trade represents 10 lots.

1 standard lot = $100,000 notional value = 1.0 lot

1 mini lot = $10,000 notional value = 0.1 lot

The Minimum Trade Volume for each account is as follows:

25K Account = 35 Lots

50K Account = 70 Lots

100K Account = 140 Lots

What Major Economic Events do I need to be square for?

Due to the increased risk around some economic data and central bank releases, all traders in the Practical Assessment and Live Funded Trader Accounts must adhere to our rules on trading economic data releases.

To make it easy to understand we have set up a 3 tier color coding system which not only alerts you to potential hazardous releases but also potential trading opportunities.

If the economic data is not listed on our myFXTradingHub page and it’s not central bank-related you are allowed to hold positions over the release of these numbers.

Ignorance with regards what economic data is included will not be tolerated.

If you are still not sure, ask!

What are the Permitted Trade Times?

You are not permitted to hold positions over the weekend.

You are not permitted to open a position prior to Monday 9.00 AM Australian EST

All positions must be closed prior to Friday 3.00 PM USA – EST

The Daily updates from the T4T team will cease from Friday 20th December until Monday 6th January. There will also be limited IT support. But you can continue to trade throughout this period.

Note the Trading platform will be closed XMAS day and New Years Day.

You are permitted to trade at all other times except if T4T Management halts all trading due to ‘unforeseen highly volatility international events’. In this case, T4T management will notify you directly about the trading halt.

What are the Approved Currency Pairs & Instruments?

You are only permitted to trade forex currency pairs & instruments in the list below:











It is at Traders4Traders Inc discretion to add or remove currency pairs from this list.


If I pay the fee do I get a funded account immediately?

No. You first must pass our practical assessment. Once you do pass the practical assessment you get a live Forex T4TCapital™ Trading Account to trade with no time limitations. Get started today trading our T4TCapital Trading Programme.

Can I pay for more than 1 practical assessment account?

Yes. You can sign up for more than 1 practical assessment account BUT you can only have 1 live funded account. We have had a number of traders qualify for a 25K funded account and then start a 100K Practical Assessment straight after. With the intention of upgrading to a $100K funded account.

Can I upgrade to a bigger account without finishing the first one?

Yes of course. If you would like to upgrade from a $25K or $50K account you can at any time. Simply notify us and to upgrade your account size once the payment has been made.