T4TCapital Trading Programme Live Account Rules

Trading The Live
T4TCapital Forex Trading Account

Time To Start Making The Money

The Live Trading Account

On completion of the Practical Assessment you will receive a Live Trading Account from T4TCapital Funds Management. Your profits will now be shared using our Profit Share Schedule.

Profit Share Schedule

5% – 10% Profit

Trader Payout

10% – 20% Profit

Trader Payout

30% Profit and Above

Trader Payout

Live Trading Account Scaling Plan

 The limits for the live trading account increase as your account balance grows. That means your Trade size and Weekly Loss Limit increase as you make money.

Live Trading Account
Frequently Asked Questions

You may withdraw your profits on the last day of the month and your profit withdrawal will be applied to the Profit Share schedule. Once we have received your invoice for that amount you will be paid the same day.

No we dont rush our traders, so take your time there is no time limit. There is no profit target you can build your account to as big as you wish.

Yes, they are exactly the same so you will be comfortable trading the live account.

No you are trading our accounts so you will be using our liquidity provider.