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Foundation Forex Trading Course


Its great to have you onboard, it’s time to brew up a coffee and get started.

The Foundation Forex Trading Course will provide you with all the resources and knowledge for you to start trading the forex market as soon as you have finished the course. The course is the same content taught to junior bank traders when they join the banks, so you can be confident that you will be trading the same way as the big players that actually move the market.

Our training methodology is that of LEARN. PROVE. TRADE.

You will LEARN about the Forex Market and how to trade it like the bankers. On completion of the course you will then PROVE you can trade using the knowledge you have learnt with our Practical Assessment Demo Account and then when you have passed the Practical Assessment you will then TRADE our Live account with T4TCapital cash and take a share of the profits you make. You may of course trade your own account with your own broker and cash too.

So Let’s Get Started


Like anything life and business you need to learn how its done first before you can practice. Its imperative that you complete the courses in order before you even open up the trading platform. You will soon learn that you only need the trading platform to enter the trades.

You will have received an email with your website login details, please login to the website now.
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Here are the important links:

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Setting Up Your Trading Ecosystem

It is critical that you setup your trading environment properly in the first place to ensure all of your resources work correctly. You have two paths for this.

Fast Track Setup

Setting up a Trading VPS

This is a Windows based PC set up in the cloud to ensure your trading platform and trade execution software are operating at all times. It is super easy to setup and everything is done for you. We have partnered with ForexVPS with a discounted rate of USD$27.99 per month. This amazing package will set up a VPS for you with the MT4 trading platform and all our trade execution software installed automatically. It is also a great setup for those using a Mac. ForexVPS also have great support and have a live chat that they respond straightaway.

Manual Setup

Alternatively you can download and setup the trading platform and download and install all the trade execution software manually on your local PC. Please note when using Expert Advisors on your local trading platform your computer must be on at all times.


During the courses you will need to practice some of the processes and practice using the trade execution software. Using the MT4 Trading Platform you have installed above setup a demo trading account by selecting
File->Open An Account and select T4TCapitalFunds Demo as shown below. This will ensure you have all the trading instruments we provide. Please note this is not the Practical Assessment, this will be provided at the end of your course.

Getting Started with the T4T Education Programme

Open a Demo Trading Account

 Use this demo account to find your way around the MT4 Trading Platform and practice drawing trendlines, entering trades using the trade execution software provided.


Once you have completed all the courses you are now ready to start your Practical Assessment and Prove you can trade with the knowledge learnt. 

Please inform us when you have completed all the courses – we will then examine the results of your quizes and then create a Practical Assessment $100K acct to trade with, and send you the account details and password to add to your MT4 Platform


The time has arrived!

You have passed the Practical Assessment and you are ready to trade real money for real profits. You not only will be trading our live USD$100K account you will receive the cost of your training back from your first profits. After that you will be profit sharing with us. If you like you can now also trade your own cash with your own account and trade with confidence and consistency.

Last but not least

Join the new Virtual Trading Floors website and join others on the T4T Trading Floor, don’t worry its Free and always will be.

That’s probably enough for now!

Take your time to browse our website, there are a lot of resources you will find useful. We look forward to chatting with you in the Virtual Trading Floors.

Good luck and hit that Profit Target with good Capital Management!