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Like anything life and business you need to learn how its done first before you can practice. Its imperitive that you complete the three courses before you even open up the trading platform. You will soon learn that you omly need the trading platform to enter the trades.

Let’s get started

It is important that you complete the courses in the following order, regardless of if you have traded before. Miss anything out and you will come unstuck in the middle of the course. The course is very structured.


Once you have completed all three courses you are now ready to start parcticing and putting what you have learnt into practice. Here we introduce some rules for you to follow. These rules have been created by Brad with years of experience so it pays to follow them. If you break any rules then you will have the opportunity in the Practical Assessment to reset your account back to the $100K starting balance. You will not have this luxury in the live account.

Please inform us when you have completed all the courses – we will then examine the results of your quizes and then create a Practical Assessment $100K acct to trade with, and send you the account details and password to add to your MT4 Platform.

Time to practice

First thing to do is download your MT4 trading platform and get that installed onto your computer or your ForexVPS. You can then setup your Capital Management dashboard and if you so wish you can purchase a ForexVPS directly from ForexVPS.com. You can then download and install all the software onto your newly installed MT4 Platform.


Dont start trading until you know the rules of the Practical Assessment. Whilst they are rules to protect you they also act as a trade plan to help you succeed with the Practical Assessment, watch those weekly limits.


The time has arrived!

You have passed the Practical Assessmet and you are ready to trade real money for real profits. You not only will be trading our live USD$100K account you will recieve the cost of your training back from your first profits. After that you will be profit sharing with us. If you like you can now also trade your own cash with your own account and trade with confidence and consistency.