How to install Expert Advisors, Templates and Indicators into MT4

How To Install Expert Advisors Into MT4

Step 1 – Open MetaTrader MT4 Trading Platform

Step 2 – Click File -> Open Data Folder

File - Open Data File

This will show you where on your computer your MT4 installation can be found. This may vary from computer to computer dependant on your PC configuration.

Step 3 – Installing Templates
Copy and paste your templates into the ‘templates’ folder.

Step 4 – Double Click on the MQL4 Folder

MQL4 Folder

The folders you are interested in are:

Experts – Expert Advisors (trading robots),
Indicators – custom indicators

Step 5 – Copy and paste

Copy and Paste Expert Advisors into the ‘Expert Advisor’ folder. Copy and paste your Indicators into the ‘Indicators’ folder.

Step 6 – Restart MT4

It is important to ensure you restart your MT4 Trading Platform.

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