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Membership Levels

It is our goal to bring responsible, quality Foreiegn Exchange Trading to eveyone that wants to become a trader. Traditionally on the internet it has been expensive and misleading, we aim to change that.

Our membership levels are not only very affordable but contain quality information that will create a responsible trader with Patience, Discipline and Control.

1. FX Student Trader

Course: FX101: KickStart Course
Price: FREE

2. FX Pro Trader Member - Join - FREE 30 Day Trial

Course: FX 101: KickStart Course, FX Pro Trader Course, FX Advanced Pro Trader Course
Price: USD $99/month

4. FX Funded Trader Programme

Course: FX Funded Trader Programme
Price: See programme outline above

T4T FX Student Trader Member - FREE

This is for those that are unsure if Foreign Exchange Trading is right for them. Rather than paying $5,000 or more with other training organisations we have made our Student Membership FREE of Charge to allow you to decide yourself. You will not receive any sales emails trying to persuade you to upgrade, we leave it for you to decide.

Once you have joined ( you do not need a credit card) you will be given access to myFXTradingHub where you will have access to the FX 101: KickStart Course. Take this course and decide for yourself if this is what you would like to do.

You will gain access to the following resources on the website:

  • myFXTradingHub
  • FX 101: KickStart Course
  • FX Daily Market Insight
  • FX Software from T4T
  • FX Economic Data Calendar
  • FX Articles
  • T4T Partner Network

T4T FX Pro Trader Member - FREE 14 Day Trial then USD$ 99/month

So you made the decision. Now its time to start learning the intracacies of the FX market and start making some cash.Apart from the FX Pro Trader Course which is essential learning you will now have access to our 247 Trade Zone where there is activity 24 hours a day, where T4T traders share, help and exchange trade ideas.

You will gain access to all of the Student Member resources plus:

  • 247 Trade Zone
  • FX Pro Trader Course
  • T4T Training Webinars
  • FX Daily Currency Analysis
  • FX Resources
  • FX Currency Dashboards
  • IT Support

T4T FX Funded Trader Programme

The ultimate in Forex trading. Managing someone elses money and getting paid for it!!

Learn more about our FX Funded Trader Programme