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Forex Online Courses Introduction

Forex Online Courses from Traders4Traders.

Forex Online Courses from Traders4Traders gives you everything you need to learn forex trading the correct way. Ex professional bank traders teach you how, whilst learning from other traders in our T4T Network.


Forex Online Courses from Traders4Traders provides quality training at a fraction of the price of other online courses. Our courses are created by ex commercial intrabank traders and the content is that taught to bank traders. All our courses are in video format and consist of hundreds of videos last from 2-12 minutes all with a quiz at the end to test your knowledge.

Our Forex Online Courses include:

Watch the introduction to the FX 101: KickStart Course

Forex Online Courses - Forex 101: KickStart Course.

This is the perfect starting point for all Forex Traders. Once you understand how the markets work and why prices move you will be ready to start the Pro Trader course where you will actually start trading.

The course consists of 8 videos:

  1. The World of Forex
  2. Currencies: The inside story
  3. Know your markets: Timezones
  4. Capital Risk Management
  5. Technical Analysis
  6. FX Trading Strategies
  7. Types of Orders

Forex Online Courses - T4T FX Pro Trader Course.

Presented by Brad Gilbert, former Chief FX Trader at Citibank.

This course will give you professional insight and knowledge into trading the markets. Trading isn't about copying someone's signals or loading some software into your MT4 trading platform. If you want to learn to do it how the institutional traders do it then this is the course for you.

Course instructor: Brad Gilbert

Course content:

  • 108 Lessons
  • 9 Quizzes

Watch the introduction to the Forex Pro Trader Course

Watch the introduction to the Advanced FX Pro Trader Course from Traders4Traders

Forex Online Courses - T4T FX Advanced Pro Trader Course.

This course will open up your eyes to trading full time with opportunities that you would not have known otherwise existed, after all it's what the institutional bankers use. Fasten your seat belt!

Course instructor: Brad Gilbert

Course content:

  • 66 Lessons
  • 8 Quizzes

Forex Online Courses - T4T 1 On 1 Forex Coaching.

If you are looking to become a full time forex trader or would like to tune up your trading skills, this one month course will accelerate your learning and fast track you to becoming a professional trader. It is also a prerequisite to becoming a funded tarder with Traders4Traders.

Prerequisite for this course is to have completed the KickStart, Pro Trader and Advanced Pro Trader course and are currently an Elite Member.

T4T 1 On 1 Forex Coaching Course

T4T FX Funded Trader Programme.

The ultimate achievement in Forex Trading is to be trusted to trade with other people's money and earn a salary and commission the same way as the commercial interbank traders on Wall St.

Course instructor: Brad Gilbert

Get serious!

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