Refinitiv MetaStock Xenith Live News Service

Refinitiv MetaStock Xenith


To be able to follow the market and understand what is going on you need a live feed and MetaStock Xenith provides this facility. You will get access to the live feeds and this will enable you to trade the economic data as they are released. MetaStock XENITH gives you an incredibly comprehensive list of financials, analysis tools, market research and of course all current and breaking news.

Refinitiv Metastock Xenith with Traders4TradersGet MetaStock Xenith for USD$110 for 3 months

We have teamed up with MetaStock to provide you with MetaStock Xenith at an amazing introductory price of USD$110 for the first 3 months then USD$110 per month thereafter.

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Note: the $110 plan doesn’t include the live feeds from the exchanges. To upgrade your account contact Metastock and request the specific exchanges.

Find what you want, when you want, how you want

MetaStock XENITH search is a high-speed, integrated information and data retrieval service which includes the following search functions.

  • Comprehensive search
  • Simple keyword or code-based searches
  • More advanced criteria-based searches
  • Export results to Excel

Flexible, Organized, Ready to Work

The Template sample library provides a set of pre-defined templates with content, categorized per asset-class and region. You can also make your own Templates with any assets you choose. The Templates offer the following:

  • Tab-based document management.
  • Full screen mode
  • A ‘help balloon’ has been plugged to particular tasks

Keeping tabs on the economy has never been easier

The Economic Monitor allows you to keep track of all reporting, indicators, and economic events

  • “My Economic Monitor”provides a list of all reports sorted by regions and countries.
  • Filter reports on a variety of variables
  • Drill down to a specific indicator
  • The “Economic Events”tab gives you a list of global events

Introductory Overview Presented by Brad Gilbert from Traders4Traders

Download and install T4T’s app templates for Refinitiv MetaStock Xenith

This will be the best thing you can spend time on, to give your trading the edge!

If you want to be a full-time professional trader then you are going to require the tools of the trade. The best available news service you can subscribe to is Refinitiv MetaStock ‘Xenith’ news service. This is an absolutely essential product that connects you with the market. Accessing the service is one thing, getting to know how to use it and take advantage of the resources is another. Watch these videos to get greater insight into how to best set up your templates and find various economic information.

Hunter Smith from Refinitiv MetaStock Xenith explains the template installation process.