T-Rex Live Trader – MT4 Expert Advisor

T-Rex Live Trader
Trade Execution Software for MT4

T-Rex MT4 Expert Advisor


Attack the Economic Data Releases

Take control of your live trading and attack live economic data releases. T-Rex is a fully featured professional grade trading software that works with MT4.

It is easy to use and includes all order types. You can place OCO breakout strategies especially designed for trading live economic data releases. You can use it to trade live or use pending orders. It also incorporates simple capital management whilst trading as many currency pairs as you like simultaneously.

This trading tool will transform your trading.

With this trading software you’ll be able to:

  • Trade live with 1 click and have stop losses & take profits attached
  • Trade multiple pairs simultaneously
  • Place OCO breakout orders on economic data releases
  • Be able to make stop adjustments and set trailing stops
  • Set partial take profit at levels set by yourself

No longer will you be worried about placing orders. Instead you will be watching the currencies move with confidence knowing your orders are in place and your capital is protected against adverse moves in the market.

Super charge your trading with T-Rex!