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Forex Tools

Forex Resources

Our Forex Resources provide our traders with all the resources required to use our trading strategies. Keep this page bookmarked as we discover new resources all the time.

Forex Market Central Banks

Get the heads up on Central Bank Monetary and Fiscal policies.

Commitment of Traders

Watch the market sentiment of the institutional bankers.

Commodities Live Charts

Cross check our commodities live charts as they impact the currencies.

Glossary of Forex Terms

Lookup the lingo of Forex trading. Watch out for popups on the site.

Forex Software

With so much forex software available on the web how do you know which ones to choose. We stuck to the minimum requirement to ensure you have all the forex tools you need to trade our methodology.

MetaTrader MT4

The most popular Forex Trading Platform in the world. Millions of traders with a wide range of needs choose MetaTrader 4 to trade in the market. The platform offers ample of opportunities to traders of all skill levels: advanced technical analysis, flexible trading system, as well as mobile trading applications. If you are going to use T4T's proprietary trading software then you'll need to download MT4 to use them.

MetaStock Xenith

Reuters MetaStock XenithTo be able to follow the market and understand what is going on  you need a live feed and MetaStock Xenith provides this facility.
You will get access to the live feeds and this will enable you to trade the economic data as they are released. MetaStock XENITH gives you an incredibly comprehensive list of financials, analysis tools, market research and of course all current and breaking news.

T4T T-Rex Live Trader

T-Rex Trader is a full-featured professional grade trading platform, priced for the at home trader. T-Rex is an add on module for the MT4 Trading Platform.

T4T Trendline Trader

T4T Trendline Trader Software

Never miss a technical trade again!
he Trendline Trader is a powerful tool that enables you to place pending orders in the market with the comfort of knowing that your orders will be executed at the exact right levels and then be managed closely once they are triggered.