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Funded Trader Programme Overview

How it works

Our FX Funded Trader Programme has been created to identify disciplined and motivated traders by providing them with real cash accounts and reward them with commissions commensurate with bank traders commissions!

3 Step Process to become a Certified Funded Trader.


Choose between a $25K, $50K or a $100K account size.

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Prove you can trade responsibly using our rules of engagement.

Forex Training Programme Step 3


Become a Certified Funded Trader and trade a live account the size you selected in step 1.

Select an account & start learning straight away

Trader’s sign up to one of our accounts and then get immediate access to all of our courses and resources including:

Take our self-assessment Knowledge Entrance test & if you get 80% or more you should be confident to take the next step into the Funded Trader Programme!


STEP 2 - Prove you can trade

Demonstrate your knowledge with our Live Demo Account

Armed with the knowledge and confidence having successfully passed the knowledge test, it's now time to put all that hard work into action. The practical assessment stage includes the following:

  • Selection of a suitable live demo account size
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Performance requirements to pass the practical assessment

Choose the live demo account size wisely as this will be the same account size you will be funded with if you successfully pass the practical assessment.


STEP 3 - Certified FX Funded Trader

Real money!

Once the practical assessment has been completed and you have achieved 'Certified Funded Trader' status, you will then be allocated funds of the same size that you traded from the practical assessment stage.

Once you have successfully traded the real money account of $100,000 you will then have graduated and be eligible to become one of the following:

  • Graduate Trader
  • Junior Trader
  • Senior Trader

Learn more about the Salaries and Commissions for these levels.

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