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Get Paid to trade Forex!
Become a Funded Trader

No Capital Required!

Funded Trader Programme

How it works

Our Forex Funded Trader Programme has been created for everyone, whether you are new to trading or a veteran trader that wants to trade the Foreign Exchange Market without risking their own capital. With education, discipline and commitment to trading, anyone can participate in our Funded Trader Programme and be rewarded with commissions commensurate with bank traders commissions!

Funded Trdaer Programme - Step 1 - Select a Trading Account


Choose between a $25K, $50K or a $100K account size.

Funded Trader Programme -Step 2 - Practical Assessment


Prove you can trade responsibly using our rules of engagement.

Funded Trader Programme - Step 3 - Certified Funded Trader


Become a Certified Funded Trader and trade a live account the size you selected in step 1.

Anyone can become a Funded Trader.

Learn how to trade and follow the rules.

Funded Trader Programme - Step 1 - Select an account


Account Selection and Pricing for the Assessment Stage

Select a suitable evaluation account. This account will be a demo account trading with virtual money. Choose wisely as this account will be the same account you are funded with if you successfully pass the assessment. To pass the assessment you simply need to comply with the 'Rules of Engagement' and reach the specified Profit Target for the account size chosen. There is no time limit.

Starting Balance $25,000 $50,000 $100,000*
Max. Trade Size* 2.5 lots 5.0 lots 10.0 lots
Daily Loss Limit $625 $1,250 $2,500
Weekly Loss Limit $1,250 $2,500 $5,000
Max Drawdown $2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Profit Target $6,250 $12,500 $25,000
Price Per Month $150 $250 $350

$100,000* - Traders who successfully graduate from the $100,000 Practical Assessment will be eligible for additional funding and potential full time salaried trading roles with T4T.

Max. Trade Size* - This is the maximum trade size allowed once you have made 10% profit.


The purpose of the practical assessment is to test your basic knowledge and skills in a live trading environment, albeit with DEMO ACCOUNT.

Traders must demonstrate a basic understanding of the market, trade execution and show us they can stick to some basic capital management rules.

No prerequisite requirements

Trade Plan

We provide you with a flexible trade plan for the practical assessment, exactly the same as the funded trader account. Upon successful completion of the ‘Practical Assessment’ by reaching the profit margin, you’re issued with a fully funded account of the same size you selected for the practical assessment.

Rules of Engagement

You will need to follow these rules during both the practical assessment and the live fully funded account, they include:

  • Capital Management
  • Scaling Plan
  • Daily Loss Limit
  • Weekly Loss Limit
  • Maximum Loss Limit
  • Profit Target
  • Economic Data Releases
  • Approved Currency Pairs
  • Permitted Trading Times
  • Time Limit

Funded Trader Programme - Step 3 - Certified Funded TraderTRADE YOUR FUNDED ACCOUNT

Having successfully passed the 'Practical Assessment' stage by achieving the profit target for your selected account size you are ready to trade a live account of the same account size that you used in the practical assessment step.

You will use all the Strategies, Trade Plan and Rules of Engagement you used in the practical assessment step, only this time it is a live account with real money, which means you will also be earning a commission, so protect your capital like your life depends on it, bankers do exactly that.

What's in it for you once you are a Certified Funded Trader?

Eran 30% Commission from our Funded Trader Programme

Commission payments on your Live Funded Trader Account

Once you have completed Steps 1 & 2 above and you are trading your live account, we pay you 30% of your profits made on the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I break one of the rules, is my practical assessment automatically suspended?

Yes. We will of course assess special circumstances such as IT issues but without solid evidence proving you were not at fault, your practical assessment will be suspended.

If you break a rule, you have the option to reset your Practical Assessment. If you choose to reset it will be to the level you are currently on.

If you choose not to reset your Practical Assessment your simulated trading account will remain active, and you’ll be able to trade on it for practice.

What happens if I trade the wrong currency pairs?

We understand that mistakes may happen, especially when the markets are moving.

If you have traded the wrong currency pairs make sure that you square that trade as soon as you identify it was not an allowed pair. You can then continue trading. No rules will record as broken.

Please note that any money made from trading the wrong currency pairs will not be counted towards your profit target. But Losses will go against you. So it’s a no win situation.

Continued trading of the wrong pairs will result in a rule violation and the suspension of your practical assessment.

What happens when I successfully complete the practical assessment stage?

Your trading account will be reviewed by our senior team and if everything is in order you will be provided with a fully funded trading account according to your assessment trading account size.

Who can join?

You don't have to be an expert FX trader to become a Funded Trader. You just need to be disciplined and patient and be prepared to follow our rules of engagement.

It is recommended that you complete our online forex courses, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned trader. We have made this easy with a 7 Day Free Trial that should enable you enough time to check all of our courses out.