Guerilla Cloud Trader – MT4 Expert Advisor.

MT4 Expert Advisor - T4T Guerilla Trader


Never miss a major trading opportunity again!

The Guerrilla Trader is a powerful tool that enables you to ambush the economic data releases with hit and run tactics, without sitting at your screens! You can pre-set the time to Enter the market, with any type of order and then tell it when to Exit. This is an absolute must for traders in the T4TCapital™ Funded programme that are juggling their trading with full-time jobs and/or busy schedules.

This trading tool will add a new dimension to your trading as you’ll never miss a major trading opportunity again!

With this trading software you’ll be able to:

  1. Place pending orders at pre-set times in the future
  2. Cancel the pending orders at a pre-set time
  3. If an order is filled you can either close it out at the pre-set exit time or keep it open
  4. Trade both sides of the markets – topside & downside
  5. Be able to place Limit or Stop Entry Orders on any pair
  6. Be able to make Stop Adjustments and Set Trailing Stops
  7. Get your lifestyle back as your complete trade; entry through to exit is managed by Guerrilla Trader

The Guerrilla trader will allow you to take advantage of major trading opportunities without you having to worry about gaining access to your screens at the specified time. Once you’ve added your orders, the Guerrilla Trader will take care of the rest.


Guerilla Trader Overview

Learn how Guerilla Trader works

Watch our introduction video about Guerilla Trader. You will learn how Guerilla Trader will make working a full time job and trading forex an easy and painless experience. The true set and forget tool for trading forex. Guerilla Cloud Trader has been developed by Brad Gilbert.

Testimonial for Brad Gilbert - Traders4Traders

“Brad was one of the best analytical traders I came across in my 30 year trading career. He rewrote the trade execution rule book… Amazing!”

Steve Stone - Former Chief FX Dealer at Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Lehman Brothers

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T4T Guerilla Trader is included in our online forex course..

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Lifetime Access



Complete Online Forex Trading Course

Our Complete Online Trading Course includes:


  • FX 101: KickStart Course
  • FX Pro Trader Course
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  • How to read the FX Market
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Risk/Capital Management
  • Trade Execution Strategies


  • USD$100,000 T4TCapital Practical Assessment
  • T4T T-Rex Live Trader
  • T4T Trendline Trader
  • T4T Ichimoku Cloud Trader
  • T4T Guerilla Trader


  • USD$100,000 T4TCapital Real Trading Account
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This course is the same content taught to junior bank traders when they start trading at a bank. It is taught by Brad Gilbert who has 28 years of FX Trading experience at some of the largest banks in the world.

There is no better training available.