High Performance Trader Mentoring

Our ‘Trader Profitability Code‘ Will Fine Tune Your Overall Performance

High Performance Trader Mentoring

The High-Performance Trader Mentoring is for traders that already have a very good understanding of the markets and how to trade but want to improve their overall performance.  There is nothing worse than having all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you and not being able to put it all together. Quite often as a trader, you can’t see the forest for the trees. Having a professional Mentor will change everything.!

Your Mentor will be able to quickly identify aspects of your trading ecosystem that are costing you money, and not only fix them but have them working for you to maximise your profit potential.

High Performance Trader Mentoring


Experience Level: Intermediate to Experts


  1. Completion of The Day Trading Masterclass Course
  2. You need a very good understanding of all aspects of trading
  3. Purchased a T4T Capital Funding Program Assessment Account


The High-Performance Trader Mentoring is focused on one thing only, making you a more profitable trader! It is not an education program as such. It is not designed to show you how to draw trendlines or how to use our trade execution tools. It’s all about refining and re-shaping your trade decision process and help identify areas that are seriously costing you money. 

Weekly 1-On-1 Individual Performance Reviews

Weekly individual trader performance analysis – Your Coach will be using the ‘Trader Profitability Code‘ to fine tune your overall profitability. The purpose of the weekly performance reviews is to widen your profitability gap by remove all trading activity that is hurting the trader’s overall profitability. This is a key component of the student trader’s development and improvement. We will be analyzing all aspects of the trader’s performance including profitability, traded pairs, performance on various pairs, average holding time, the risk to reward ratio to name but a few.

The student trader is expected to provide details of their trading activities by way of a trade journal including why, when, and how they traded and the overall result. This will lead to enhanced personal performance. You will constantly be working towards hitting the profit target in the practical assessment.

High Performance Trader Mentoring Objective

The focus is of course on improving the students individual trading performance, and we will be providing guidance with respect to improving their performance and profitability, but the main aim of the program is to get the traders through our Practical Assessment program and get them funding.

All-Access Pass to T4T’s 247 Trade Zone

Traders will have an all-access pass to T4T’s 247 Trade Zone.

Traders can discuss topics they either don’t understand or are having issues with and allow collaboration on market analysis. The small group discussions will ensure no traders get left behind in the training program.

Tuition Rebate Scheme

Successful completion of the Practical Assessment makes the student eligible for the 100% Tuition Rebate Scheme. All tuition fees are included. The first profits made within this stage up to the agreed amount will be reimbursed at a rate of 100%. Once the amount has been returned the student will then continue trading using the Profit Share Schedule.

This is the student’s opportunity to get the whole Mentoring program free of charge.