Utilising Refinitiv MetaStock Xenith

How To Use Refinitiv MetaStock Xenith

How bankers trade with the market using MetaStock Xenith.

Brad Gilbert from Traders4Traders takes us through the simple daily process bank traders use to identify high probability low risk trades.

Technical Setup + Fundamental + Capital Management + Execution Strategy = Next Best Trade

Technical Analysis

Using simple Trendlines, where the volume is traded because that is where the banks are executing their trades, to identify the entry levels.

Fundamental Analysis

To identify the the direction of the currency and the next economic driver that will move the market.

The process uses MetaStock Xenith to:

  1. Evaluate the market conditions using simple Technical Analysis techniques
  2. Identify currency pair setups that give clear direction
  3. To decide upon the entry strategy and cross check the currency cross pairs

The charts tell you where the currency has been and the fundamentals tell you where the currency is going.

It’s a matter of Cause and Effect.

The cause or reason the charts move is because of the fundamentals and the effect is the reaction of the bank traders to that cause.

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