How long does it take to pass the Traders4Traders Practical Assessment?

Traders4Traders Practical Assessment

Answer: 1 Day

Just ask Bhupinder Dhillon from Canada, our latest 100K T4TCapital Trader who managed to pass the Traders4Traders Practical Assessment in just 1 Day.

How did he do it?

He waited for a prime opportunity where the odds were stacked in his favor and he went long the DOWUSD, absolutely nailing it for $15,000 profit in less than 1 day. There were a few trades involved but one of them netted him $13,300 profit.

The secret ingredient? Nailing the entry when it broke through recent highs and then used a trailing stop to maximize his returns. It would have been tempting to take the cash that was on the table early but with the position in profit and a comfortable trailing stop loss in place, he let it go, and go it did, straight up!

I asked Bhupinder a few questions to get some insight that might help other traders with the Traders4Traders practical assessment.

T4T: How long have you been trading for?

Bhupinder: Started this year.

T4T: Why do you think you were successful?

Bhupinder: Have a trading plan and follow it!

T4T: What’s your favorite trading strategy?

Bhupinder: Swing Trade

T4T: Any suggestions for other traders attempting the Traders4Traders practical assessment?

Bhupinder: Make sure you have a trading plan and follow it. Always look at the bigger picture. T4T has a lot of information on market and current conditions, use it to your advantage.

What do you need to get through the Traders4Traders practical assessment in the shortest time period?

Well, that’s the million-dollar question because there are a number of variables that need to align for the best outcome. Here are three that I think are essential:

First, there is the trader’s experience. Understanding the market and knowing when to get in and when to get out of a trade is obviously super important. Being able to identify currency pair direction and the key entry levels and gauge momentum is a skill that many traders without experience completely miss.

Second, knowing how to execute the trades efficiently is imperative. If you’re fumbling around at the point of entry you can make a complete mess of it and enter at the wrong level and then the whole trade plan is messed up often leading to a loss.

Third, market conditions need to be just right. If we have trending markets and/or a clear fundamental driver then you’re in the box seat and this will make trade selection super easy.

If you get these three factors aligned, then you’re well on the way to smashing through the practical assessment and becoming a T4TCapital Trader in no time at all.

How long is it going to take you?

Sign up and let’s find out!

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