How To Reconnect To The Server ON MT4

Reconnecting The Server On MT4

Connection problems with MT4

If you have a connection problem to your trading server on your MT4 , and T4T Support says that our servers are operating normally then please follow the instructions below.

Issue 1 – MT4 shows “No Connection” in the bottom right of your MT4 Platform.

Ensure you have all the correct details, restart the APL MT4 and File>Log In To Trade Acct

1) Account number
2) Password, copy-paste
3) Make sure to use server T4TCapitalFunds -Demo (for the Practical Assessment)

99% of the time this is the issue

If you have contacted T4T support and they tell you that the servers are operating normally then you should follow the process below.

Note: There is nothing T4T can do if the servers are working correctly, MT4 is a clunky platform.

Reconnect to the T4TCapitalFunds-Demo Server

Step 1. Restart MT4

It goes without saying close (wait 1 minute before reopening the MT4) and restart MT4 and File> Log in to trade account first.

Step 2. “Rescan servers”.

Firstly “Rescan servers”. You can find this option by clicking the left-mouse button on the “No connection” label in the right-bottom corner of your MT4.  Once you run re-scan, MT4 looks for the best server available and then will attempt to connect you. If you are unsuccessful first time wait 30 seconds and try again, you can make multiple attempts.

You are looking for T4TCapitalFunds-Demo .


Step 3. Disable temporarily your Anti-Virus Software

If you have installed a new Anti-Virus software recently please turn this off as you may have blocked the internet connection to MT4.

Note: If non of these work then there is an issue on your PC with Internet connectivity. Ask T4T Support we can login to your PC remotely and provide support.

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