How to Use T4T TrendLine Trader

How To Use Trendline Trader for MT4

How to Use T4T’s TrendLine Trader

Lesson 1 – TrendLine Trader Overview

Lesson 2 – Adjust MT4 Settings to Allow our Trading Software to Operate

Lesson 3 – Trendline Trader Installation Instructions

Lesson 4 – Customising Settings

Lesson 5 – Setting Up Trendline Name

Lesson 6 – Strategies Highlighted on the Charts

Lesson 7 – Range Trade using Trendline Trader

Lesson 8 – Break Trade using Trendline Trader

Lesson 9 – False Break Trade using Trendline Trader

Lesson 10 – Break Retrace Trade using Trendline Trader

Lesson 11 – OCO Breakout using Trendline Trader

Lesson 12 – The RFB (Range/False Break) Strategy

Lesson 13 – Primed Orders on the False Break & Break Retrace Set-Ups

Lesson 14 – Using Different Strategies on the One Chart

Lesson 15 – Setting Session Time

Lesson 16 – Money Management Feature

Lesson 17 – Split Take Profit & Stop Loss Adjustments

Lesson 18 – Saving Strategy Templates

Lesson 19 – Setting Alerts

Lesson 20 – Adding Trade Comments

You should be all set to go!

In the event that you don’t understand any of the videos please contact us via email at

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