How To Use The T4T Guerrilla Trader

How To Use Guerrilla Trader From Traders4Traders

How to Use T4T’s Guerrilla Trader

Lesson 1 – Guerrilla Trader Overview

Lesson 2 – Where Guerrilla Trader really comes into play

Lesson 3 – Adjust MT4 settings to allow our Trading Software to operate

Lesson 4 – Installation Instructions

Lesson 5 – Customising Guerrilla Trader Settings

Lesson 6 – Guerrilla Money Management

Lesson 7 – Setting Entry & Exit Times

Lesson 8 – If the Entry time is in the past it will auto execute

Lesson 9 – Order options: Two orders or just one?

Lesson 10 – Setting Up Orders – Types & Pip       Offset

Lesson 11 – Stop Loss Adjustment & Trailing Stop

Lesson 12 – Double check your order set up on the chart

You should be all set to go!

In the event that you don’t understand any of the videos please contact us via email at

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