Career in Forex Trading

Career in Forex Trading


On these pages, you can find our go-to tools for all you need to know about getting started and making progress in a long-term career within the Forex Trading. We’ve developed the T4T Training Programme career path to enable you to learn the forex market, learn how to protect your capital and provide continuous support for your career path.

A career trading forex on Wall St with the banks

Starting out as a new trader with a well-known bank is no easy task nowadays, there is huge competition and starting basic salaries range from USD$37,000 – USD$44,000 plus commission. This depends of course on what type of trader you are applying for.

Career Forex Trading

Within the banks there are different types of traders:

  1. Flow Traders – buy and sell products on the financial markets for the bank’s clients. Products include securities and other assets such as futures, options, and commodities.
  2. Proprietary Traders – Trade on behalf of the bank itself.
  3. Sales Traders – take instructions directly from clients, placing orders and advising them on market developments and new financial ventures. They are intermediaries between the client and the market maker.

Unless you are straight out of University with one of the above qualifications it would be extremely unlikely you would gain a position with a bank as a trader.

This is where the Retail Trader comes in as an alternative career path with the recent ability for anyone to trade the markets.

Career Change

There comes a point in everyone’s life when a change of career seems on the cards. Whether you’ve come to that point through choice or circumstance, we know you’ll be asking yourself that “could I really change careers?” Well yes, you can.

Just leaving your current job and jumping straight into trading forex is not recommended however a soft entry is recommended by learning the trade with our T4T Training Programme. This provides an extremely affordable process that can result in trading Full Time.

T4T Forex Training Programme

Traders4Traders has developed an alternative way of becoming a full-time Forex Trader structured in exactly the same career path of the banks along with the commission structure too.

Before you read on let’s have a reality check. As with a new trader at a bank, they know that they are not going to become millionaires as soon as they arrive at the bank on the first day. They know they will need to work hard to understand the markets and have a mentor that they will learn from.

Yes, there is the potential to earn a lot of money in commissions and yes even the potential to become a millionaire which is what drives them. But first comes the learning and with that learning comes the responsibility of managing and protecting the bank’s money. They get this wrong and its all over.

This is also true of Retail Traders!

Education and Trading

As with all careers you need to understand and learn the basics of the industry you are about to enter. Banks would not employ you without some basic grounding in finance ie a degree. Fortunately, you do not need a degree to become a Retail Trader. You do however need to understand two basic principles:

  1. Understand how the Foreign Exchange Market actually works
  2. Learn how to protect your capital

To fully understand and learn the basics we provide three online courses in our Complete Online Forex Trading Course:

  1. Forex 101: KickStart Series
  2. Forex Pro Trader Course
  3. Forex Advanced Pro Trader Course

All our courses have the same content a bank trader would need to learn to survive to trade for a bank.Once you have completed this step you are ready to trade your own money or just a demo account to get into the swing of trading. We consider this an essential step in any Forex Trading Career path. The course also covers the reason why bank traders have the edge over Retail Traders. 90% of Retail Traders just use Technical Analysis to find trading opportunities, however, to reduce the risk and increase the chances of a successful trade you need to add the Fundamental Analysis and this is covered in detail in the courses. Without Fundamental Analysis, you are simply trading blind.

We are often asked how much capital you should start with for your first trading account. We recommend USD$10,000 but it can be as low as USD$5000 but any lower and the risk becomes too high to make any sensible money.

We also make our training affordable with our Complete Online Forex Trading Course at USD$1499 USD$750.

T4TCapital Trading Programme

During Step 1 of your career path, you learned how the Foreign Exchange Market works and how to manage your risk to protect your capital. You also either traded a demo account or your own money and hopefully reached your profit targets. We now introduce a different level of experience, the Forex T4TCapital Trading Programme allows you to earn commission trading our money!

Whilst anyone can join the T4TCapital Trading Programme, it is obvious that having completed step 1 is clearly an advantage to being successful.

The programme comprises of the following:

  1. Select a trading size account – $25K, $50K or $100K account
  2. Practical Assessment – Prove to us that you can trade responsibly and meet the profit target
  3. Certified Funded Trader – You will be allocated funds equivalent to the account size in your Practical Assessment

In return for your efforts, you will receive commissions up to 80% of the profits you make.

Join the T4T Trading Team

If your objective throughout our training programme was to become a full-time professional trader then you have arrived at your final destination. To be eligible to join the T4T Trading Team you will have completed and achieved the target profit in the $100K account of the Funded Trader Programme. If you haven’t been through our training programme and you are an experienced forex trader you are also eligible to join the team.

Entry to the T4T Trading Team is by application only – Brad Gilbert will assess each application on its merit and performance. You will need to show a record of a live trading account albeit your own or if you have been through the Funded Trader Programme your $100k live trading account.

Assessment is purely based on performance.

Once accepted you will join as a ‘Graduate Trader’ with a career progression path to Junior Trader and Senior Trader with the benefits that each of them has.

Graduate TraderJunior TraderSenior Trader
Starting Balance$100,000$300,000$500,000
CommissionUp to 80%40%20%