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It's Time for You to Put the Financial Markets Trading Masterclass into Practice with the Live Trading and Coaching Sessions... Completing the Mission Has Never Been So Painless!

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Easily Generate Profits Exceeding $30,000 Per Trade with “Forex Agent 007” Himself - Experience High-Intensity Institutional Bank Trading Strategies and Execution in Real-Time (Become an Action Hero Yourself)

Welcome to The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions, an exclusive opportunity where you’re invited to apply the institutional bank trading knowledge gained from The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass right next to me, LIVE!

With these exclusive sessions, you won’t only experience action-packed trading live with me, but you will also unlock a deeper understanding of institutional bank trading secrets, strategies, and shortcuts, allowing you to sharpen your execution skills to absolute perfection. PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to ask me all your trading questions, and receive my expert advice immediately. ​​This is where significant results are seen, top trading earners are created, and financial worries become a thing of the past.

I have trained thousands of traders during my 35 years at the forefront of some of the biggest banks in the world, including Citibank (Senior Forex Dealer), Commonwealth Bank (Chief Dealer), and TD Securities (Vice President), and now it’s your turn!

If you are serious about becoming an elite-level trader and ready to achieve what most traders only dare to dream about…

Upcoming Live Trading and Coaching Sessions

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Training Session TitleSession DescriptionDate
The Weekly Kick-OffTune in for our 'Weekly Kick-Off' as Brad Gilbert analyses the market and identifies the key instruments and events to watch out for this week. Limited Access: The Live Trading and Coaching Clients Only On average, there will be ... see more1716199200 20th May 2024
CAD - Inflation Rate YoYStrap yourself in & prepare for action! This is the key Macro-Fundamental release that impacts the BOC interest rate decisions. Any significant variance in the number can have a big impact on the direction of the CAD. Let's find ... see more1716328800 21st May 2024
GBP - Inflation Rate YoYStrap yourself in & prepare for action! This is the key Macro-Fundamental release that impacts the BOE interest rate decisions. Any significant variance in the number can have a big impact on the direction of the GBP. Let's find ... see more1716391800 22nd May 2024

Here's What You Can Expect From The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions

The purpose of The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions is to earn profits by trading key macro-fundamental releases that align with solid technical setups and a clear market direction. 

We will avoid chasing every high-impact figure, as this is a trap set up for beginner traders!

We will trade side by side, and I will coach you through these sessions.

I will conduct a detailed technical analysis, pinpointing the optimal instrument to trade, the prime entry levels, the most effective execution method, and ultimately, the criteria required for activating the trade. 

Once the trade is live, we will carefully consider whether to hold, close out, or add to positions.

The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions Will Refine Your Market Analysis and Trade Execution Skills, Especially Around These Key News Releases:

  • Inflation numbers that are driving central bank sentiment at the moment.
  • Central Bank meetings if there is potential for a change of rates.
  • Employment data if we have good technical setups and clear market direction.
  • Tier 2 data if we have good technical setups and clear market direction.

Each week, I’ll make sure to update the Live Trading Events calendar. 

If a good opportunity comes up, we will set up a live trading session to take advantage of it.

At the beginning of each month, we’ll spotlight the CPI (Consumer Price Index) data and add additional events week by week. 

Our goal is to avoid scheduling any session that presents untradeable conditions, excessive risk, or lacks the potential for us to capitalise on.

I’m expecting around 10 sessions per month. 

Even if we manage to execute only 3-4 trades from these events, you could still expect to make over $10,000 in profits by trading just 10 lots.

After these live trading sessions, we can arrange more coaching if you find you need extra help with your live trading skills.

You’ll gain access to The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions calendar, allowing you to participate in any session you are particularly interested in, if not all. 

Plus, every trading session will be recorded. 

This means that should you miss an event, you have the opportunity to revisit and study the session in your own time and learn from how we approached the market and managed the trade.

Put simply, you’ll have a front-row seat to the best live trading sessions available!


The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions Are Committed to Your Success!

My commitment to turning you into a highly profitable trader extends well beyond The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass. With me by your side, you’ll never feel alone! I’ll accompany you at every step of your trading journey. I won’t just be your personal mentor, sharing the highly confidential secrets of institutional traders. No, I am dedicated to keeping you accountable, motivated, and focused on your trading objectives. With absolute devotion to your success, I am ready to go the extra mile to ensure you hit all your trading goals dead centre…

PLUS, as a bonus, you will gain lifetime access to my training, coaching, and 24/5 support team!


As much as I want to keep the live trading and coaching sessions open forever, it simply isn’t possible. These sessions are limited due to the intense personal attention, focus, and time I have to sacrifice to provide every client with the highest quality live trading experience, knowledge and skills to allow them to match the results institutional bank traders achieve daily. With the desired outcome I envision for every client, I can only allow a handful of people inside my private trading room. With that in mind, if you are truly serious about reaching the highest level in trading, I would strongly advise you join The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions as soon as possible. I can assure you that this will be the best investment you will ever make for yourself, your family, and your trading future!

As long as this page is still up, you still have the opportunity to…


The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions' Client Results!

Live Sessions

Joshua R. – USA

Joshua from New York, an IT consultant passionate about trading, started hitting it out of the park in his first 6 months using my system.
He made $30K on AUDJPY in one trade!

Live Sessions

Mark B. – USA

Mark from Florida, a former airline pilot who had tried several trading techniques, transitioned from his flying career to trading using my system and made $37K in his first 3 weeks.

Live Sessions

Hans D. – Austria

Hans, a retired engineer from Austria with an extreme passion for trading, committed himself to learning market mechanics inside out. He quickly amassed $56K in his first 3 months of trading my system.

Live Sessions

Jonathan D W. – AUS

Jonathan, who worked in advertising for years, was so successful at trading that he set up his own Funds Management Company within 2 years of starting trading and is now making well over 7 figures.

Reliable, Honest & Knowledgeable

Brad and the team are knowledgeable, honest and willing to do what it takes to ensure you are successful in your FX journey. The online and live workshops arm you with the tools and know-how to use them correctly to keep your capital safe whilst making steady gains.

I can't recommend the team at T4T enough and is the best day trading course I know of.

Steve A


Only got good things to say

I'm new to Traders4Traders but i've only got good things to say about them. I highly recommend setting up a one to one zoom call with one of their support staff/Traders and discuss your aims, strategy and trading styles. I did this and spent over an hour with one of them and learnt more in that hour than i had over the past 2 years trading on my own.

Richard Newman


Top shelf super professional

After attending many trading seminars, and doing several online trading courses, I highly recommend the Traders4Traders workshop. This was the best trading education I have ever completed.

Craig B


Money well spent.

Very well worth the money you pay if you're looking for the best day trading course and to become an independent institutional trader!

Only drawback I would say is the site is a little slow at times but this isn't a huge problem. Any issue you have is resolved within a few hours and the customer service is really outstanding too.

Tom McFarlane


Great follow up support

With a fulltime job and no time to spend searching through countless sources of information, T4T is just what I have been looking for. The informative and interesting course, followed by daily emails with a no-nonsense, layman approach and frequent SMS alerts, make trading in the Forex minefield seem easy! I have been recommending Brad Gilbert and T4T to all my friends.

Nick R


No experience required

I did not have any pre knowledge on the FOREX trading but by attending a 2 day’s workshop at Traders 4 Traders that provided me with the right skills and knowledge and gave me the opportunity to start trading straightaway without wasting time in practicing demo account. These Trainers are the real FORX traders in real time at T4T so we learnt things from them. The taught me the strategies in a very easy way how to trade safely. Hope this is going to change my life. Thank you very much Brad.

M Khan


The Workshop was brilliant

Incredible opportunity to spend time with ‘the real deal’ with 20 years experience in the forex game. Learn from someone who made it to the top. Get the same training as the forex trainee’s employed by the banks get. The cost is a fraction of the value when you consider your life will change for ever, as mine now has. The money management plan is the best available. The trading plan instills confidence knowing the banks are trading the same way – follow the money. I also feel the generosity in deciding to share such lucrative information is amazing. I have nervous excitement at what the future holds. Knowing my trades are making money is empowering. Book the workshop and you’ll be here writing as I am.

Matt B


Trading made very simple

I just made $2500 last night on the usd. So far in 2 weeks I have recouped my $5k already. I wish I was doing this years ago!

Ross K


All my questions answered, now making cash!

After completing a number of other courses and still not feeling confident with trading FX I was apprehensive at best when I did the T4T workshop. But I’m very happy to say that you have finally answered all my questions on how to trade FX. I was starting to think it was some secret method that no one wanted to share with me. You guys have blown the door wide open! I appreciate your patience in explaining even the smallest details to me. All the pieces of the puzzle now fit together and I’m ready to trade for real.

Patrick M


I started from scratch

Starting from scratch with no background on the FX Markets was quite daunting. But the team at Traders4Traders explained things so clearly and simply that I feel very confident in commencing trading. This is going to change my life. Thank you!

Michael T.


The best forex trading workshop

I would like to thank Traders4Traders for the wealth of information, great workshop and on going support. T4T is by far the best Forex trading workshop. I have completed numerous online courses, classes and read plenty of books. None of those made me a profitable trader. Since completing T4T workshop, in two weeks I have made the cost of the course 3 times over. With the trading plan Brad helped me design, I am now very close to my goal which is to replace our family income from trading forex.

Vasilia T.