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Starting your own business without any money is a common problem faced by millions of people around the world who want to start their own business. They want to be their own boss, they want financial freedom. Some have their own business ideas, some do not and they all have one thing in common and that is they are prepared to work for it but just don’t have the capital for the startup costs.


If you are not one of those people then read on…

What makes a good business?

Why start your own business?

Starting your own business without any money - Why people start their own businessThere are numerous reasons why people start their own business, each person has their own reasons but some of the most common ones are:

Financial Freedom
Be their own boss
Accomplish something
Provide for their retirement
Potential to make a lot of money

It is rare that entrepreneurs do not want to make a lot of money!

What makes a successful business?

How to start a business without any money - What makes a successful business?There are a multitude of things that are required to make any business successful, here are just a few important ones:

People must want your product
Pipeline of continuous customers
Customers must be able to find your product
Low overheads or operating costs
Great profit margins

If you can satisfy all of the items above you have the beginnings of a great business!

Hurdles most entrepreneurs face?

How to start a business without any money - Hurdles most entrepreneurs face“Starting a business is easy” – Said nobody!
Here are a few challenges that most people face, when starting a new business:

Abandoning your current career
Raising Finance
Attracting customers
Managing Money

Getting trusted support for these issues is also a challenge!

Entrepreneur + Capital + Products + Customers = Business

This one liner is from Steve Tobak, a VIP contributor from Entrepreneur.com – It says it all and is a great formula – Satisfy each one of these elements and you are well on the way to success.

The Business That Satisfies All The Requirements and Solves the Hurdles

(With some work and dedication)

Career Forex Trading

Trading The Foreign Exchange Market!

No doubt you have seen the salaries and commissions a Wall St trader makes in the news and around the internet. You have most likely thought there is not a chance of doing that!

Things have changed!

With the arrival of the internet. Quickly Financial Brokers found that connecting retail traders (you) to the market was good business and opened up all the markets to anyone with an internet connection. This opened the flood gates and with professional training by a former Chief FX trader with Citibank you too can become a Foreign Exchange Trader, with some work and dedication.

Become a Foreign Exchange Trader part time or full time and work whenever you like and learn to trade like a Wall St. banker.

What is a Forex Trader?

Just like a trader on a high street market, they buy and sell their products at a profit. In the case of a Forex Trader they are buying and selling currency pairs in the forex market.

What is the Forex Market?

It is a market place anyone can connect to where there are millions of traders ready to buy or sell your currency pairs 24 hours a day. It turns over $220 billion per hour that’s $5.3 trillion per day. No lack of customers here.

Cost of trading?

Traditionally forex trading was the domain of the bank traders, however with the introduction of the internet Forex Brokers emerged to service the new retail trader to enable them to connect to the Forex Marketplace. In return for this service they charge a small commission charge for each trade.


Well you have most likely seen the commission’s the banks pay their traders. If as a retail trader your earnings are based upon how much you invest into your fund, it is realistic to achieve 10% per month and sometimes more however managing your risk is your business, in the same way as you would manage your risk in any business.

So why is this article about ‘Starting Your Own Business Without Any Money?’
It looks like I need some Capital to start trading Forex.

Introducing the Forex Funded Trader Programme from Traders4Traders


Our Forex Funded Trader Program was created by CEO & Founder of Traders4Traders Brad Gilbert, a former Forex Chief Trader at Citibank. He created this program specifically for those people that do not have any capital to start their own business and are prepared to work diligently to learn the business and trade using Traders4Traders funds. In this way you simply have learn how to trade, prove you can trade and then be provided with the capital to trade and make 30% of the profits you make with a low subscription overhead every month, which if you are trading profitably is covered in your profits.

Step 1 – Learn to trade the forex market?

We provide all the training you need to learn to trade the forex market in a video based training environment. Our methodology are the same methods that Brad used in his 28 years as an investment banker. To complete all the courses should take you no more than 2 weeks if you take it easy, less if you are super keen.

Forex 101: KickStart Course

Forex Pro Trader Course

Forex Advanced Pro Trader Course

Step 2 – Prove you can trade

When you sign up for one of the Funded Trader Program accounts you will start with a ‘Practical Assessment’ where you will demonstrate what you have learnt and stick to our ‘Rules of Engagement’. The objective is to reach a set profit target for your chosen account size, once you have hit that target you will be provided with a fully funded account with T4T’s money and you are in business!

Step 3 – A fully Funded Account

Make 30% of the profits with the Funded Trader ProgrammeOnce you have completed the ‘Practical Assessment’ stage with your selected account size you will be Fully Funded with an account size equivalent to the one you did in the practical assessment stage. You will now be trading real money in the Forex Trading Marketplace! You will now also be making 30% of all profits you make using our capital.

Get Started with our Funded Trader Programme

The questions you have had on your mind throughout this article

How much money can I make? What are the overheads? Is this a Scam?

Is Starting Your Own Business Without Any Money a reality?

How much money can I make? Gross Profit

We have 3 account sizes in the Funded Trader Program USD$25,000, USD$50,000 and USD$100,000. If you have completed all three courses and have understood the forex market you can reasonably expect to make 10% per month, yes that does say per month! People who don’t have Patience, Discipline and Control will clearly loose, but that will have been picked up in the practical assessment stage, so once you get Fully Funded that should not happen. Some traders achieve considerably more per month, but we expect our traders to achieve 10% minimum a month.

So what does that mean in your pocket?

Our simple table below shows you projected earning when achieving a 10% per month profit. It shows the monthly overhead subscription for each account size and the Net Profit at the end of the month that is paid into a bank account of your choice.

 USD$25,000 AcctUSD$50,000 AcctUSD$100,000 Acct
Profit Per Month$2,500$5,000$10,000
30% Profit Share$750$1,500$3,000
Monthly Subscription Overhead$125$250$350
Net Profit$650$1,250$2,650

What are the overheads?

There is one single monthly subscription for each account size and they are as follows, remember this is your only overhead, what business has just one fixed overhead?

This monthly subscription also gives you complete access to our website and all its resources, including Daily Market Insights, Daily Currency Analysis, Our Next Best Trades, 247 Trade Zone where our traders swap cfd trading ideas and regular educational webinars including live trading.

So that’s a great Profit Margin, but how am I going to make a million dollars?

So far you have been in the Funded Trader Program making 30% on your profits. Now you have some money made without any capital investment! You haven’t even had any risk that’s all be taken care of by Traders4Traders. However you have proven to us and more importantly to yourself that you can do it.

Now is your opportunity to make your million by trading your own money having made it from our Funded Trader Program.

You now can create your own account with $5000 (the amount saved from the Funded Trader Program – In less than 2 months if you selected the $100k account) and make 100% profit whilst starting to think about what you learnt at school, that thing called compound interest.

Trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Increasing leverage increases risk. CFDs are not available for US residents. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Commodity Exchange Act. Before deciding to trade forex, you should carefully consider your financial objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Any opinions, news, research, analysis, prices or other information contained does not constitute investment advice.

Your 5 Year Plan

Any business has targets, goals and an exit strategy, we use a 5 Year Plan where you have demonstrated your knowledge and skill in trading the forex market by achieving a 10% or more profit every month. You simply just have to do it again but now with your own money so you can keep 100% of your profits.

There really isnt much more to say about that – You can download our simple Goal Calculator and enter your own figures. It goes without saying you will have worse months than 10% and sometimes better months – but your target is to achieve that 10% average.Learn Forex Trading and use our goal calculator

Is this a Scam?

Starting your own business without any money.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. The online courses, with over 200 video tutorials and T4T has taken 6 years to develop. We provide the resources and tools for anyone to trade the forex market, you do not have to be a mathematician or a computer whiz kid. You will need to learn the forex market in the same way that a banker learns their business.

We understand the skepticism, and we could throw in a bunch of testimonials and referrals, however we think you should be able to experience our education and support before joining so we have a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL that will allow you to take all our online courses for FREE. Once you have taken them and have decided that you are completely happy then you can either sign up on a monthly subscription to learn and trade your own money OR you can sign up and pay a subscription to one of our Funded Trader Programmes.

Starting Your Own Business Without Any Money is now a reality for you.

Get started now with a Funded Trader Account!

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