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Traders4Traders is a Forex  Education hub that helps Retail Forex Traders stop losing in the Forex Marketplace.


It is well documented that 95% of Retail Traders loose when trading the Forex Market. Traders4Traders is fixing that.

The Forex education market is poorly regulated causing those that wish to learn to trade the forex market left to pay large fees from unqualified educators. Traders4Traders is the first to bring professional, qualified education to the retail trader industry. The primary reasons retail forex traders loose when trading forex is they do not protect their capital with a Capital Management Plan and secondly they do not understand the Forex Marketplace. Traders4Traders core methodologies are taught by Bradley Gilbert a former Chief Forex Dealer at Citibank with 28 years of experience in the banking industry.


Traders4Traders was founded by Bradley Gilbert in 2009. After Brad left the banks he discovered that nearly all of the Forex educators both on the internet and classroom based had no professional forex trading experience. He then set out to create an online training course with a curriculum that he used to teach to his junior traders at the banks. Over 200 videos later and countless hours of content creation the online forex trading courses were born. The courses provide a comprehensive understanding of how the Forex market works and critically how to protect your capital. After a number of unavoidable tech pitfalls during the lead up to launching the website, the site is now up and running and live.

Traders4Traders is an ambitious startup that is geared up to change the performance of both existing and new retail traders by providing tried and tested methods used by the banks, who are responsible for 92% of the volume traded on the Forex Market.

Forex Training Programme

Traders4Traders have created a learning path suitable for both entry level and existing retail traders. For those that simply wish to learn and trade their own money we have the self service online training courses consisting of 100’s of videos in a structured course. For those that want to take their trading to the next level we have the Funded Trader Program that uses Traders4Traders money and pays the trader a percentage of the profits made. For those that want to trade full time and make a good living from forex trading we have our own team of traders that get paid an annual salary and a commission and is structured in exactly the same way as the banks.


At Traders4Traders our traders network are in it together as a team. With a multi trillion dollar market, there is no reason to keep your trades a secret, there is plenty out there to be made. We share ideas, thoughts and whilst helping each other we have fun doing it too. The life of a Retail Trader can be a lonely existence and often when they need help there is no one to turn to. We welcome anyone that is willing to join and share within our network of traders.