Metastock Eikon

Metastock Eikon

The Platform Institutional Bankers Use to Conduct Detailed Technical & Economic Analysis


To be able to follow the market and understand what is going on you need a live feed and MetaStock Eikon provides this facility. You will get access to the live feeds and this will enable you to trade the economic data as they are released. MetaStock Eikon gives you an incredibly comprehensive list of financials, analysis tools, market research and of course all current and breaking news.

Metastock Eikon

“I’ve been using Metastock for over 20 years and I can honestly say I’d be lost without it. If you are truly serious about making money trading the markets you 100% need this analysis platform!”

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Get Metastock Eikon for $110 for 3 months access and that includes all of our proprietary templates!

We have teamed up with MetaStock to provide you with MetaStock Eikon at an amazing introductory price of USD$110 for the first 3 months, then USD$110 per month thereafter.

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