Forex Daily Market Insight

Our Forex Daily Market Insight provides a daily market analysis. This is critical to your success in forex trading. Banks employ numerous economists, strategists and analysts, you can use our own market analysis provided by Brad Gilbert. Before you start your Daily Trade Routine it is essential to understand what is going on in the market.

Forex Daily Market Insight


Our Forex Daily Market Insight is provided in the following format:

History in the last 24 hours

  1. What has happened in the FX Market – How the currency pairs have reacted to macroeconomic data, geopolitical events and news.
  2. What has happened in the financial markets in general – Equities, Oil, US Treasury Bonds etc
  3. What has been the fundamental driver in the last few days – Geopolitical, Interest Rates, Macroeconomic data etc

Potential trading opportunities

  1. Upcoming Macroeconomic data – Assess the upcoming macroeconomic data releases

Our Forex Daily Market Insight archives can now be found on our YouTube Channel.