FX Calendar

Use our FX Calendars to identify high impacting macro economic data releases that give the forex currencies direction, current market conditions, current market drivers and national holidays. If you do not know how to trade the forex fundamentals then learn with us and obtain a Diploma in Professional Forex Trading.

High Impacting Macroeconomic Data Events

The Macroeconomic Data Releases displayed below on our FX Calendar provides you with the next High Impacting Data Release that will potentially move the currency it is representing.

may, 2020

No Events

FX Calendar – Market Conditions

Check to see if current markets conditions are favorable for trading. Are there a lot of geopolitical issues upsetting the normal trading conditions and if so which issues are they. Are the major currencies trading normally which points to good trading conditions.

may, 2020

05mayAll DayGood - Fundamentals impacting, Geopolitics lingering(All Day: tuesday)

08mayAll DayAverage - Ongoing Geopolitical Events dominating price action(All Day)

25mayAll DayAverage - Usual Thin Monday LiquidityLOOSE MOVES AS WEEKEND NEWS IS FACTORED IN(All Day: monday)

27mayAll DayOK - Major Pairs trading 'technically' very well(All Day)

FX Calendar – Market Drivers

may, 2020

19aprAll DayUS Equity & Bond MarketsIMPACT: GLOBAL FX, EQUITY & BOND MARKETS(All Day)

03mayAll DayTrump's China Tariff Threats(All Day)

25mayAll DayGeopolitics related to Covid 19IMPACT: GLOBAL FX, EQUITY & BOND MARKETS(All Day)


National Holidays

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