How do Bankers Trade Forex?

5 Part Webinar on How Bankers Trade Forex by Brad Gilbert of Traders4Traders

‘How do bankers trade forex?’. The webinars are FREE and open to all traders from around the world.

This is going to be ‘first hand’ experience where I will show you how the banks trade forex from my 20 years of experience on the front line of some of the biggest forex trading teams in the world.


FACT: The Bankers make up 5% of all traders in the forex market yet they are responsible for 95% of all volume that goes through the market.

So if you want to #TradeWithTheMarket it would be wise to know & understand how the banks trade forex, how they make decisions and know what makes them tick. In this 5 part series I will take you through every aspect of their trading methodology, structure, mental state and a whole lot more. This series will definitely debunk a lot of the myths out there and give you unique insight into the bankers world.

How do bankers trade forex - Introduction

How do bankers trade forex? – Part 1

How the bankers prepare, mind set, daily routine, focus & all the little components that make them tick.

Believe me, Hollywood has a lot to answer for, although a lot of the shenanigans you may have seen on the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ were pretty close to the money! Don’t get me wrong, the traders have a hell of a lot of fun but when the market is ‘on’ they are extremely focused! You’ll be surprised at how much trading they actually do.

How do bankers trade forex - Capital Management

How do bankers trade forex? – Part 2

It’s down to business: Capital Management.

This is the serious part of trading and it’s what the traders diligently focus on every trade, everyday, every week, every month! Why? Because this is the business plan and everything else radiates from this point:

  • Trade plan
  • Entry levels
  • Exit levels
  • The whole box & dice!

How do bankers trade forex - Fundamental Drivers

How do bankers trade forex? – Part 3

Why do the markets go up and down? It’s the Fundamentals!

This is the most unknown area of the market & that’s because no one ‘except the bankers’ understand it and focus in on it. The majority of bandits in the retail market have no idea what’s going on. I’ll run you through everything from central banks and economic data to the crazy geopolitical issues that impact the market.

Once you understand the Fundamentals everything else will start to make sense!

How do bankers trade forex?

How do bankers trade forex? – Part 4

Where are you supposed enter the market? I’ll run you through the way the bankers read their charts.

This is the most misinterpreted component of trading. Of course you can get in anywhere but how about reducing your risk and increasing the probability of success. That’s a good idea don’t you think? That’s because most retail traders get their knowledge from ‘Google’ or from unregulated inexperienced goons hoaxing as ‘experts’! Technical analysis is not about shoving as many Indicators on your charts that you can find….far from it.

It’s simple, methodical and extremely precise.

How do bankers trade forex - Part 5

How do bankers trade forex – Part 5

I’m going to bring it all together and you should start to see a ‘clear picture’ of the market.

You’ll start to see trading is more of a lifestyle than a career. It’s what you do….. you wait for the ducks to line up and when they do you hit them hard! You’ll finally see where you fit in and be able to trade the market more effectively.

This 5 part series has been put together to give you useful knowledge that you can immediately put into action. It by no means replaces our online courses, but it will give you valuable insight into them.

I look forward to sharing my many years of experience with you.

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