GBP in firing line with UK Manufacturing today

How Do We Make Money Today?

There wasn’t a huge amount of activity on the majors yesterday besides a few ‘flush outs’ both sides of the market.

Now that we’ve blown the cobwebs out after the FED meeting the currencies can continue on their recent trends. I see no reason for these to turn around until we get data that tells us otherwise.

We’ll be focusing on the AUD during the Asian session as it has a great upward trend going on at the moment.

Sterling will be a major focus with UK Manufacturing data scheduled. It’s a little loose at the moment so hopefully the data gives us clear direction.

There’s also potential for some action during the North American session with the weekly ‘Jobless Claims’ & ISM Manufacturing data due for release.

That’s it. I’m trading with the trend until I get something that tells me to do otherwise.

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